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Keypoint Intelligence Announces the State of the Industry Reports for Digital Print in Labels and Packaging


Global research based on real-world experiences, challenges, and successes.

Keypoint Intelligence is pleased to announce a five-part series of reports to be published that focus on the state of the industry for digital print in labels and packaging as it relates to the adoption and use of production digital presses across narrow web labels, corrugated, folding carton, and flexible packaging segments.

Keypoint Intelligence’s State of the Industry Global Intelligence reports are being developed based on input from brands, converters, OEMs and the supplier community to align with their needs. Each report will include findings from in-depth interviews with converters relating to digital use, investment opportunities, and operational issues, providing a well-rounded perspective on the marketplace.

“Through our expanded expertise, these reports will cover advancements in technology at the OEM level, new chemistries on the market, software improvements, and converting options,” commented Jean Lloyd, Principal Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence. “With access to more than 80% of the digital print market for packaging, our team is uniquely positioned to provide industry insight on the current and future state of the production digital print market for labels and packaging.”

“We’re pleased to offer the first segment on Narrow Web Labels providing an in-depth analysis focusing on how the converter business model and view of digital printing has changed over time,” added Jeff Wettersten, VP of Keypoint Intelligence’s Packaging service. “This research examines the drivers for future growth in digital printing and looks at whether the growth trajectory will change across various segments of the market.”

The Narrow Web Labels primary research includes in-depth interviewee demographics, industry focus and outlook, analysis, and key findings. Areas of focus include:

  • Press positioning and needs
  • Growth for digital printing
  • Press/converting/software desires
  • Consumables
  • Understanding the rules of engagement

This report as well as upcoming reports on folding cartons, corrugated, flexible packaging and brand adoption can be purchased separately or as part of a subscription to other research provided by Keypoint Intelligence’s Labels and Packaging service.

For more information about the State of the Industry Global Intelligence Narrow Web Labels report, click here.