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Keypoint Intelligence Assess Future of Office & Home Print Devices in Recent Forecast


Keypoint Intelligence announces the publication of the Annual Office & Home Print Device Market Forecast: 2022-2027 reports. The forecasts are available for both the North American and Western European markets.

As with any other industry, office technology and home printing has been affected by the pandemic, largely with the shift to hybrid work. Work transitioning towards more hybrid settings will cause downsizing for office technology vendors, and focus will move to offering services for digital transformation. Along with the transition towards hybrid work, the pandemic resulted in the underutilization of printing equipment causing longer lifecycles and reduced replacements of devices.

These market forecasts also look at:

  • Placements of A3 and A4 devices (color and black & white)
  • Shifting demand for laser in the new hybrid office
  • Total market opportunity for office hardware
  • Comparing A3 vs A4 in terms of effects of hybrid work
  • Device trends in home and office locations and revenue predictions

“Placements of printing equipment in the Office are eroding as digital processes are accelerated and to combat underutilization through the pandemic years,” says Deborah Hawkins, Keypoint Intelligence Office Group Director. “There was an uptick of revenue as Average Street Prices (ASP) rose caused by supply chain and inflation but this could lead us into a false sense of security.”

The Office & Home Print Device Market Forecast: 2022-2027 reports can be purchased separately or as part of a subscription to other research provided by Keypoint Intelligence’s Office CompleteView service.

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