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Keypoint Intelligence Celebrates 60th Anniversary in 2021


Keypoint Intelligence®, the world’s most trusted source for testing services, market intelligence, and tools to the document imaging industry, is proudly celebrating its 60th anniversary. Since its founding in 1961, the company has kept pace with the rapid evolution of the technologies, business models, and strategies that have taken place across the industry—changes that could hardly be imagined six decades ago.

Arthur Kallet, legendary founder of Consumer Reports, saw the need for businesses to have access to third-party, testing-based analysis on major product purchases and he subsequently started Buyers Lab™ in Hackensack, NJ. What began as a consumer-based publication about office equipment quickly became an all-encompassing business-to-business (B2B) resource for unbiased test data and competitive selling tools for the document imaging space. In 2015, Buyers Lab and InfoTrends™, a leading global market research consulting firm, came together to form Keypoint Intelligence.

Keypoint Intelligence’s core product, bliQ™, started as a book that was published and sent monthly to customers and has grown into an online database platform to deliver sophisticated and proprietary analytical testing capabilities, lab and field test reports, product evaluations, and outsourced testing services. Most recently, the company introduced UVERCE™, a cloud-based B2B e-commerce and sales enablement system that gives dealers and resellers in the print industry the ability to connect with clients in an ever-growing digital world. UVERCE™ combines a turnkey and maintenance-free portal with embedded virtual communication capability (chat/video) as well as bliQ testing and product intelligence into one tech-enabled selling tool.

“It gives me great pride to join Keypoint Intelligence’s colleagues and customers in celebrating our 60th anniversary,” said Mack Brothers, CEO and President of Keypoint Intelligence. “The need for objective sources of information and insight has never been more critical as companies deal with operational and strategic challenges driven by the shift to digital business models rooted in new technology and fast-changing customer expectations. We’ve come a long way since Arthur saw a need and took action in 1961, and we look forward to powering our client’s growth and success for the next six decades with the tools and advice the industry needs to thrive.”

Cyrus Nikou, Founder and Managing Partner of Atar Capital, a private investment firm that acquired Keypoint Intelligence in October 2019, commented, “The Atar team congratulates Keypoint Intelligence on 60 years of accelerated growth, built on its recognized expertise for offering independent and reliable business and product intelligence that fuels customer success. We look forward to supporting Keypoint Intelligence’s talent and innovations as the company forges new market opportunities.”

Keypoint Intelligence is headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, with offices in Weymouth, Massachusetts; Wokingham, United Kingdom; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong, China.