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Keypoint Intelligence Introduces quote iQ - A Single Online Experience That Simplifies a Dealer’s Sales Workflow


Keypoint Intelligence, a leading global data and market intelligence firm for the digital print and imaging industry, is excited to announce the launch of quote iQ, the company’s latest sales rep configuration price and quoting (CPQ) tool. The new sales rep configuration price and quoting (CPQ) tool sits at the dealer opportunity level and connects to the dealers’ back-office systems to create a real-time unified data warehouse to simplify their CPQ process into a simple-to-use online experience.

Built on the UVERCE® platform, quote iQ utilizes key information to help a dealer derive the best solution for their customer by quickly and accurately developing a variety of cost-effective product configurations that align with their dealership and customer’s requirements. The CPQ tool provides key decision-making information in an easy-to-use dashboard which can be converted into a customized proposal document using the dealership’s template.

“It's great to be able to offer the dealer community an effective sales tool that allows them to be more productive by getting them back in front of their customers and focusing their time on selling and building customer relationships,” commented Anthony Sci, CEO of Keypoint Intelligence.

quote iQ can manage a dealer’s configuration price and quote process from a single source which can help them –

  • Understand their customers’ current environments and needs from a single dashboard.
  • Create configurations that fit their clients’ needs using the UVERCE® product iQ and config iQ.
  • Create professional customer proposals using customized templates designed by their company.

With its ability to access a dealership’s data in one easy-to-use dashboard, Keypoint Intelligence is excited to bring quote iQ to the market for office equipment resellers. To learn more, visit our website’s quote iQ page, or schedule a demo here.

In addition, Keypoint Intelligence will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, May 23rd at 2 PM EST to demonstrate quote iQ’s capabilities. Register here.