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Keypoint Intelligence Shows Implications of Scanning Demand with the Rise of Hybrid Work


Keypoint Intelligence recently published a North American Scanner Shipments & Revenue Forecast for 2022-2027. The report looks at increasing inventory as well as how the rise of hybrid working will affect the demand for scanning technology, all broken down by scanner segment.

It has found that most workers are working remotely at least part-time, and that hybrid and distributed working environments are creating a greater need for scan.  While more DX investments will drive need for scan, macroeconomic conditions, increasing reliance on MFP, and born digital processes will inhibit growth in the scanner market.

Compared to other products sold in the channel, scanner inventory levels were much healthier than A3 copiers and A4 MFPs. While scanner inventory levels are improving compared to last year, they have not fully recovered.

“The average 2022 US State of the Channel Survey  participant reported that scan makes up 15% of all revenue, which means the average respondent makes around $3 million selling scanners annually,” says Lee Davis, Keypoint Intelligence  Senior Analyst. “Eight-five percent of respondents reported that their business’s overall operating profit margin increased—most by double digits.”

The North American Scanner Shipments & Revenue Forecast report can be purchased separately or as part of a subscription to other research provided by Keypoint Intelligence’s Office CompleteView service.

For more information about the report, please click here.