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Keypoint Intelligence Unveils Industry Predictions and Eco-Labeling Opportunities at Ambiente's Remanexpo Academy


At this year's Ambiente Show, industry leader Keypoint Intelligence takes center stage at the Remanexpo Academy, offering insights into the future of office imaging and navigating the complex world of eco-labels.

This year’s Ambiente takes place from January 26 – 30 in Frankfurt, Germany and is the premier gathering of industry experts to discuss vital topics and emerging trends within the office imaging and remanufacturing sector.

Renowned analysts Deborah Hawkins and Peter Mayhew will deliver two crucial presentations: "The Imaging Equipment Industry Status Report" and "Eco-Labels: What they mean to your Business."

Demystifying Trends and Unveiling 2024 Predictions:

Hawkins and Mayhew will take attendees on a comprehensive journey through the industry's most critical issues in "The Imaging Equipment Industry Status Report." Dive deep into the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Working, Regulation, and Sustainability, alongside an exclusive first look at Keypoint Intelligence's top predictions for 2024!

Unraveling the Eco-Label Maze:

Navigating the confusing world of eco-labels just got easier. "Eco-Labels: What they mean to your Business" empowers attendees with Mayhew's expertise, demystifying logos, icons, and the true benefits of choosing the right eco-label for your business.

Leading Experts, Unparalleled Insights:

As Keypoint Intelligence's Group Director of Workplace Team, Deborah Hawkins boasts extensive experience in guiding major industry brands through the rapidly evolving office space.

"I'm thrilled to reconnect and network with fellow professionals at Ambiente," says Hawkins. "This event is a vibrant platform to discuss the latest trends and witness cutting-edge office innovations."

Peter Mayhew, Principal Analyst for Supplies within the Workplace Team, brings a wealth of knowledge in product, channel, and vertical market trends. His deep understanding of the office, wide format, and commercial printing landscapes, along with adjacent industries like supplies and recycled papers, empowers businesses to navigate change and achieve responsible success.

Don't miss this opportunity to:

  • Gain invaluable insights from industry leaders.
  • Network with like-minded professionals.
  • Discover powerful strategies for your business.

Secure your spot today at Ambiente's Remanexpo Academy!

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