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Keypoint Intelligence’s Greg Cholmondeley to Speak at the 2024 IPMA Educational Conference


Keypoint Intelligence is proud to announce that Greg Cholmondeley, Principal Analyst for Production Workflow Service, will lead an expert session at the upcoming IPMA 2024 Educational Conference. The conference will occur from June 2-6, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri. Greg’s session, titled "AI in Print a Year Later – Now with Cobots!", is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4th.

Last year, we witnessed the increasing use of AI in various industries, including printing, with tools like ChatGPT and Claude. Today, as the industry adapts to AI, the focus has changed from what AI is to understanding AI’s deep impact on workflow technology. Adding to the excitement is the increasing introduction of collaborative robots, or “cobots”. Cobots will soon redefine machine-to-human teamwork and alter workflow within the printing industry, representing both an opportunity and a challenge.

During this session, attendees will gain insights into the future of print technology and how to leverage these advancements for their operations. With over 40 years of experience in the industry as an engineer, strategist, and workflow expert, Greg will deliver valuable guidance, providing both the knowledge and strategic context necessary for developing efficient print workflows in the changing tech landscape.

“As AI and cobots become integral to the printing industry, businesses must understand and harness these technologies to maintain a competitive edge,” Cholmondeley commented. “This session will explore the practical applications of AI in the printing industry and how AI and cobots can work together to create more efficient workspaces.”

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