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Keypoint Intelligence’s New Study Reveals Key Insights into AI Readiness Across Industries


Keypoint Intelligence, a leading technology research and advisory firm, today announced the release of its latest study, “The State of AI Readiness; A Comprehensive Benchmarking Analysis.” This extensive survey involved 454 decision-makers and influencers across various industries, offering a detailed look at the landscape of AI adoption, its strategic importance, challenges, and future directions.

The research highlights a broad recognition of AI's strategic value, with a vast majority of respondents affirming its critical role in their organizational priorities. Despite this recognition, significant barriers such as concerns about job losses, the shortage of skilled personnel, and data infrastructure limitations are impeding AI adoption.

"Our study shows that while organizations are enthusiastic about the opportunities AI presents, they are also confronting various challenges that can slow their progress," said Anne Valaitis, Principal Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence. "With this research, we aim to identify these barriers and provide actionable insights, helping businesses navigate their AI journey more effectively and unleash the full potential of this transformative technology."

Key findings from the study include:

  • Widespread AI Integration: A significant portion of organizations are leveraging AI, with many using workflow-specific AI tools across various departments, and a smaller but notable percentage implementing AI extensively across their operations.
  • Policy Adoption Grows with AI Usage: Companies with comprehensive AI engagement often have robust AI use policies in place, underscoring the importance of governance as AI adoption deepens.
  • Industry-Specific Adoption: Different industries show varied levels of AI adoption, with IT and cybersecurity leading in embedding AI capabilities and exploring generative AI use cases.
  • Driving Factors: Enhancing operational efficiency and improving customer experiences are among the top motivations propelling AI adoption.

The study also explores how organizations are actively investing in AI talent, with many planning comprehensive training programs to bridge the skills gap. This initiative reflects a proactive approach to cultivating an AI-ready workforce, poised to leverage AI benefits fully.

"As we continue to navigate the complex AI landscape, understanding both the opportunities and challenges is crucial," Valaitis added. "Our research offers invaluable insights and benchmarks for business leaders, empowering them to make informed decisions and maintain a competitive edge."

Click here for more information on "The State of AI Readiness; A Comprehensive Benchmarking Analysis" report, or visit Keypoint Intelligence’s Reports.


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