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FADGI Testing

FADGI stands for Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative. It is a government initiative that provides guidelines for digitizing cultural heritage materials and accessibility for digital audiovisual collections. All permanent records sent to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) after June 30, 2024 will be required to be submitted in an electronic format. Devices used to capture and store these digital records must be FADGI compliant.

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Keypoint Intelligence FADGI Verified Testing Program
This page is to help equipment vendors learn about the new government standards around the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) as well as to help inform agencies on the devices Keypoint Intelligence has tested and verified, passing either the FADGI Star Rating or Modern Textual Records (MTR) standards. FADGI's goals include improving the quality of documentation and audio/video recordings, saving organizations time and money and helping to develop clear and coherent guidelines for digital record keeping. To see the latest list of FADGI tested & verified devices by Keypoint Intelligence, please click here.

FADGI Star Rating System

To be deemed compliant, images and records must be assessed according to a set of technical guidelines and parameters. Software for evaluation/ assessment - (Golden Thread) star rating is then awarded, depending on the results of the tests.

Testing is performed in accordance with specifications in the latest draft of the FADGI Technical Guidance for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials, Third Edition Draft 3.5 (published June 2023)
Using ISA’s GoldenThread software and image quality targets, allow Keypoint Intelligence to evaluate the scanner’s image quality properties and determine the star rating of a scanned test target based on standards set by the FADGI Working Group.
Information can be further broken down by our 26 vertical markets, A3/A4, color/mono, speed segments, and single-function/multifunction
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FADGI Modern Textual Records (MTR)

This is a new category and specification as proposed by the National Archives and Records Administration for capturing and archiving “Textual Records”.

This is a new category and specification as proposed by the National Archives and Records Administration for capturing and archiving “Textual Records”.
Textual records are paper records with well-defined printed type and with moderate to high contrast between the ink of the text and the paper background.
The specifications in this requirement are not applicable for paper records that include fine detail, require a high degree of color or tonal accuracy, or have other unique characteristics that cannot be captured using the MTR specifications. Within this category there are no star levels; either the images/text meet the specification, or they do not.
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Why Test with US?

Reliability/Repeatability – Keypoint Intelligence technicians have developed a job matrix that is customized to the manufacturer’s rated daily scan volume and is used to verify that the scan device can reliably maintain FADGI image quality rating over time. Keypoint Intelligence has designed a standard cycle test that can quickly verify a scanners FADGI capability as well as an extended cycle test to determine if the device has the capability to maintain the target FADGI classification over a longer test cycle. This enables Keypoint Intelligence to monitor for image quality issues as well as evaluate the tools and operator procedures required to maintain FADGI compliance.

Quality Assurance – Utilizing industry tools and test targets Keypoint Intelligence has developed a test suite to validate that scan devices are FADGI capable and can maintain FADGI standards in accordance with guidelines set by the FADGI Still Image working group.
How we test – Scanners, scan software and tools are configured in Keypoint Intelligence’s test lab in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keypoint then creates a test matrix and scan originals that will be used throughout the test cycle. Using industry standard tools and test targets, Keypoint verifies the scan device achieves and maintains the target FADGI classification.
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FADGI Verified Scanners:

Firmware version: 220201 (FADGI Special Firmware)

Scan Software version: Capture On Touch V5.0 Pro
Test Date: June 2022
Test Version: Extended test
Number of scanned pages: 1,200,000 pages
Classification Level Tested: FADGI 3-Star
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FADGI Verified Scanners:

Firmware Version: 1.60.000 (FADGI Special Firmware) or FADGI Specific Firmware

OS Version: v1.19
Scan Software Version: CaptureOnTouch Pro v5
Test Date: October 2023
Test Version: Standard test Number of scanned pages: 70,000 pages
Classification Level Tested: FADGI MTR (Modern Textual Record)
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