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Lisa Brown

A Look at Keypoint Intelligence’s Study on Robotic Process Automation

Analyzing demand for RPA in the North American market

Aug 3, 2023 10:52:36 AM


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Automation is the future of work. That’s a theme that came out of Keypoint Intelligence’s recently published Multi-Client Study on robotic process automation (RPA). After surveying 825 respondents from mid-size and large companies in the US, data shows that most companies are considering and investing in document and process automation solutions. In addition, 48% of companies surveyed are allocating between 10% and 20% of their total annual budgets to document and process automation spending over the next 18 months.


Why Are Organizations Looking to RPA?

There are several trends driving the need and desire for document and process automation solutions. Hybrid and remote working, a challenging labor market, economic uncertainty, digital transformation (DX) initiatives, and increased technology advancements have contributed to the growing adoption of RPA. This led us to conduct a study analyzing the demand for RPA and the customer journey.


Sample size comprised a mix of IT and department managers and
above from various industry sectors.


A main goal within the analysis was to outline what the customer journey for RPA looks like and identify key moments when vendors have the greatest chance to influence the journey. We determined who the RPA buyer is, evaluated the purchase experience, examined how customers want to engage with providers, and provided recommendations for how vendors can address and overcome the adoption inhibitors. By evaluating these steps, we identified six key customer touchpoints where vendors can enhance the customer journey and capitalize on opportunities to help customers scale within their organizations.



One of the very first customer touchpoints where a vendor can have an impact on the journey is during the awareness phase. This is where individuals are first learning about RPA, vendors, and what solutions are available. Our research shows that vendor and resellers websites are among the top sources of information for customers learning about RPA and serve an opportunity for vendors to capture a customer’s attention early on.



Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Several other touchpoints and significant takeaways were validated by the data, but a top recommendation for RPA suppliers is to use a consultative approach when selling RPA to new and existing customers. Our study demonstrates that there are multiple points in the adoption process—from initial consideration to post-purchase—where a client might plateau or become stuck, and customers require prolonged support from their vendor partner that does not end when they acquire an RPA bot. Vendors must provide a service in addition to providing a technical solution.


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