BLI Pacesetter Awards for the Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail Markets Unveiled by Keypoint Intelligence

Market Insights Study reveals three document imaging OEMs came out on top

Nov 3, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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The manufacturing, logistics, and retail segments have always faced unique challenges, and these have only been compounded by the unprecedented environment resulting from the COVID pandemic and supply chain issues. Document imaging OEMs that serve customers in these markets need to enable those customers to be agile, efficient, and innovative while also helping them lower costs and increase productivity wherever possible.


Moreover, each of these sectors has its own workflows and needs that shape the type of technology and services they require. For instance, the importance of the store experience is unique to the retail sector, driving demand for solutions that improve customer engagement. Equipment destined for the manufacturing floor, meanwhile, needs to be engineered for dust, temperature variations, and other harsh environments. Logistics providers require printing and scanning solutions specialized for quickly creating and reading barcodes on the warehouse floor or on delivery routes.



What Is the Methodology Behind Our Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail Market Insights Study?

To determine which document imaging OEMs lead the market in helping their clients meet the unique challenges, analysts at Keypoint Intelligence conducted an in-depth evaluation of the offerings for these markets. The granular study drilled into over 60 points of potential differentiation spread across categories such as MFP hardware, software, service and support, security, and market leadership. Keypoint Intelligence analysts then applied a proprietary rating scale to determine which OEM stands out as the most complete provider for each sector.


“The ability to serve the needs of vertical-market customers takes more than just top-notch document imaging hardware,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Workflow Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence. “All the OEMs have that part of the equation covered quite well. Being a leader in the field also requires a deep understanding of the challenges and pain points that customers regardless of industry face every day, coupled with the ability to deliver solutions and services to address those challenges. Our analysis showed that these industry pacesetters can do exactly that.”


Which Companies Won the BLI Pacesetter Awards in Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail?

After analyzing the research and the data, the results pointed in the following directions for the North American markets:


BLI 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Manufacturing Winner

BLI 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Logistics Winner

BLI 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Retail Winner


Congratulations to these standouts!


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