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German Sacristan

Canon’s New varioPRESS iV7 Marks A Strong Strategic Move

The company now covers the digital printing market like no other

May 26, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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Canon’s announcement today of its new B2+ varioPRESS iV7, along with last year’s varioPRINT iX 1700, positions the company as a dominant force in digital printing. With this latest introduction, Canon offers solutions for all print service providers (PSPs), from low to large average monthly print volumes (AMPVs)—in doing so, Canon now has the broadest coverage in the market.


While this does not guarantee Canon will win all sales battles, it significantly raises the stakes in its ability to participate in all possible digital printing sales opportunities. Most importantly, the company can offer a solution that’s tailored to each customer’s specific needs based on AMPVs and applications: Canon’s comprehensive product range not only plays in low and large production but also fills the gap between the two—in an area of opportunity that Keypoint Intelligence has been touting in recent years.



A Closer Look at the varioPRESS iV7

During last year’s PRINTING United, the market was impressed with Canon’s announcement of the varioPRINT iX 1700—an inkjet B3 printer that is expected to have a low capital investment, designed to serve customers between mid-production electrophotography and larger production inkjet and B2.


Now, Canon has once again impressed us with news of a B2+ inkjet press. The varioPRESS iV7 stands out not merely because it was expected that Canon would eventually offer a B2 press to the market—since its failed attempt (Voyager) at the last on-site drupa—but also with what this new press is expected to do.


The varioPRESS iV7 is set to be the fastest B2 digital printing press in the market, running at 8,700 B2 full color impressions per hour, regardless of the media type and weight. Its potential modularity is also striking, with the press feeding long edge first at 29.5", suggesting that a future upgrade opportunity to make it a B1 press might be possible. Additionally, the print module tower design hints at the potential inclusion of additional colors beyond CMYK.

The varioPRESS iV7 is the latest—and a key—addition to Canon’s comprehensive portfolio of production print technology.


The varioPRESS iV7 press also has the largest B2 size in the market (24.2" x 29.5") and includes a pallet and tray feeders for users to run different types of print jobs one after another. Interestingly, despite handling a larger paper size, the width of this press is narrower than the varioPRINT iX 2100/3200, but press length is notably longer at 15.7 meters/49 feet.


Canon’s reputation for high image quality with its inkjet technologies is noted by the market and is expected to continue with the varioPRESS iV7 (despite the new press utilizing Canon Production Printing proprietary 1200-dpi piezo printheads, making it different to the other inkjet cut-sheet offerings). Inks also recirculate in the system to avoid jet-outs.


The varioPRESS iV7 is expected to launch in the second half of 2025, but drupa visitors can get a sneak peek at print quality samples and detailed presentations about their new press.


Last but not least, cost remains a critical part of any PSP’s purchasing criteria. It is early days, but while the varioPRESS iV7 is expected to have a higher capital investment, its running costs should be aggressive enough to have a competitive TCO for PSPs with larger AMPVs.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Suffice it to say, Canon is going to tantalize drupa visitors with this announcement, and while we were anticipating a B2 press from Canon at some point to take advantage of the B2 offset market we were not expecting this press to offer so much value in terms of productivity and potential modularity. Keypoint predicts that this new platform will play in other markets and printing applications in the future, such as packaging, further extending Canon’s reach and influence in the digital printing industry.


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