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Carl Schell

Channel Strategy Session: The 2022 Quick Guide to US Mega Dealers (INFOGRAPHIC Part 1 of 2)

Which large-scale technology providers are on the list?

Sep 12, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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The mega dealers are “mega” because they are a well-diversified bunch. Sure, success is evident simply by studying financials for a few minutes, yet each company has its own story on how they surpassed $100M in annual revenue—and then some. Even if the mega dealers started life as traditional copier dealers, they have all embraced technology beyond print with solutions such as security cameras and EV charging stations. Many are striving for that holy grail-like 50/50 split between print and managed IT, with a strong desire for the latter to exceed the former shortly after achieving that even goal.


There are currently 17 mega dealers. Using Keypoint Intelligence’s Channel Mapping Tool, with an assist from our Channel Strategy Advisory Service and News Service, we assembled the following infographic (the second one is coming soon). Meant only to provide a high-level of detail about the mega dealers, this quick guide acts a springboard for further investigation of each outfit, regardless if only for research purposes or, in a much grander way, because you need their expertise to help your business reach new heights.



Infographic designed by Mark DiMattei, Editorial Manager.


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