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Carl Schell

German Sacristan Offers Plenty of Advice for PSPs on The Think Factory Podcast

Keypoint Intelligence’s lead production print analyst has thoughts on the present and the future

Mar 7, 2024 7:00:00 PM


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While many of us know the broad brushstrokes of the benefits and opportunities in the production print space, the devil is in the details. As Keypoint Intelligence’s Principal Analyst of On Demand Printing & Publishing, as well as the Production Group Director, German Sacristan is very aware of those details.


Our walking encyclopedia of production print knowledge recently guested on The Think Factory Podcast, during which his trademark energy and passion were on full display. What he delivers is a salad of forecasts, primary research, predictions, and other insights that will leave print service providers (PSPs) around the globe feeling healthier.


Want to know more about the whole offset vs. digital debate? Seeking a better understanding of how specialty print can fit into your strategy? Brochures, catalogs, direct mail: Are they still as viable today as they were yesterday? If you’re looking for those answers, along with thoughts around inkjet and literally anything else in production print…


German wants to help PSPs grow. Here’s how.


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