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Dan DiGiacomo

Help Your Clients Reduce Operational Costs with these Money-Saving Solutions

Mar 29, 2012 12:22:28 PM

As organizations build a print strategy and develop a fleet of printers and MFPs to suit their unique needs, the focus is often on the savings provided directly by the devices. But don’t overlook the software that can help businesses save money in unique, significant ways. BLI recently tested several solutions that can reduce costs for your customers.

Print Audit Secure is a server-based solution that enables secure pull printing at networked devices. With Print Audit Secure, print jobs can be released from any web-enabled device without any required print queue modifications. Pull printing saves money (and promotes green initiatives) by reducing the waste of print jobs that are never picked up, and the versatility of Print Audit Secure allows organizations to save even more money by streamlining their printer fleets.

EFI Fiery VUE 1.2, a free download for users of MFPs equipped with a Fiery controller, is a document assembly solution that allows workers at any skill level to produce high-quality, customer-facing documents—such as sales proposals, brochures, and catalogs—quickly and easily. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, the utility helps maximize the investment in a Fiery-controlled device by making the technology more readily available to a wider percentage of the employee base.  Additionally, the solution saves on wasted paper and toner by allowing a more accurate, legible view of a final product than traditional print drivers provide, reducing the trial and error that often accompanies complex document creation.

HP EcoSMART Fleet 1.0 is a powerful enterprise environmental assessment, management, and reporting solution for HP and third-party printing devices. It provides a unique feature set that mines real-time data to show managers the power consumption and paper usage of monitored output devices, allowing administrators to assess the results for individual machines and pinpoint opportunities for savings. Moreover, it allows managers to easily run “what-if” scenarios to quantify potential savings if certain print settings and user habits were changed. 

To learn more about the potential cost savings of these solutions, read BLI’s full Reports for Print Audit Secure, EFI Fiery VUE 1.2 and HP EcoSmart Fleet 1.0 and share them with your customers.