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Anne Valaitis

HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024 Focuses on AI

Navigating the future of work and technology with artificial intelligence

Mar 18, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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On March 6-7, HP Inc. held its Amplify Partner Conference in Las Vegas, where the company shared its vision for the future of work and technology with over 1,500 partners from around the globe. The conference focused on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform productivity and collaboration in the hybrid work era. HP unveiled a range of new products, services, and initiatives designed to help partners capitalize on these emerging opportunities.


Central to HP’s announcements was the introduction of a broad portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions, including the new HP Elite and Z HP PCs. These devices are aimed at enhancing user experiences and productivity in hybrid work environments. Additionally, HP revealed plans for an AI training and certification program for partners through HP University, signaling the company's belief in the growing importance of AI skills in the technology industry.


Tuan Tran, President of Imaging, Printing & Solutions at HP Inc.,
delivering his presentation during the HP Amplify Partner Conference.


HP also showcased its new AI-enabled digital experience platform, HP WEX, which could potentially help partners navigate the complexities of the evolving technology landscape. However, it remains to be seen how effectively this platform will be adopted and integrated into partners' existing workflows and solutions.


Beyond artificial intelligence, HP announced new offerings in color printing and managed services, as well as initiatives focused on sustainability and extending the life of devices. These moves suggest that HP is not only focusing on cutting-edge technologies like AI, but also addressing the practical needs of businesses and consumers while prioritizing environmental responsibility.


The Amplify Partner Conference also featured insights from HP’s Work Relationship Index, a study exploring employees’ relationships with work worldwide. The study found that a significant majority of workers believe AI can enhance job satisfaction. While this suggests a positive outlook for the adoption of AI in the workplace, it’s crucial to consider the challenges and potential unintended consequences of integrating AI into work processes and company culture.


Throughout the event, HP emphasized the importance of partnerships, with keynote speeches from leaders of major technology companies such as Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and AMD. These appearances underscored the interconnected nature of the technology industry and the significance of collaboration in driving innovation.



Keypoint Opinion

HP’s Amplify Partner Conference 2024 unveiled exciting AI-driven innovations that could transform the printing industry. For managed print service (MPS) providers, these announcements present possibilities and potential hurdles. While AI-enabled solutions may enhance offerings and optimize services, success will hinge on effective integration, upskilling, and adaptability.


Stay tuned for our upcoming comprehensive analysis, which will be made available soon through the InfoCenter. We’ll delve into the implications of HP’s announcements, examining the potential benefits and challenges for MPS providers. Our report will explore the role of AI in the future of printing, strategies for leveraging emerging technologies, as well as key considerations for navigating the evolving landscape. Don't miss this essential resource for providers looking to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of work and technology.


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