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Lindsey Naples

INFOGRAPHIC: Print in Vertical Solutions

A look at printing solutions in healthcare and financial services

Aug 31, 2023 9:37:47 AM


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Print is a popular, widely used medium—however, it isn’t used the same way across every market. For example, printed pages are a necessity in some markets, but digital transformation (DX) has taken over others so strongly that physical print is no longer needed. And then there are those who fit in between the two—using both options. The newest infographic from the Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group aims to highlight those differences within the healthcare and financial services markets.


According to a 2021 Keypoint Intelligence analysis, COVID “accelerated digital transformation (DX) for many vertical sectors to facilitate work during full or partial lockdown. As a result of the pandemic, investments were expedited to automate processes. All office print can be digitized, but it won't all be.”     


The healthcare and financial services markets are two extreme examples of how quickly office print is changing. But in several other markets there are sectors where print remains not only vital for absorbing and retaining information, but persistent, as well. As put by Keypoint Intelligence’s Peter Mayhew, “Digital transformation of document workflows will continue to erode some portion of almost all vertical markets, but there will be a point in all markets where essential printing will find a natural level.”


Infographic designed by Mark DiMattei, Managing Editor at Keypoint Intelligence.


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