INFOGRAPHIC: The Future of the Office Space

Remote workers and layoffs mean re-evaluating your headquarters

Nov 29, 2022 11:22:28 AM


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We’ve written before about how the modern office is changing. It isn’t a new concept at this point. However, one thing that many people probably don’t think about is how our physical offices are changing.


In a recent New York Times article, the authors note that while “more office workers are back at their desks than a year ago…attendance at office buildings in New York, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, and other cities is languishing well below pre-pandemic levels.” Part of this is due to people wishing to continue working from home, while some companies have seen their revenues decline after years of supply chain issues and unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic—causing many to lay off staff. Other offices have embraced the concept of hybrid work environments and are downsizing office suites to better serve their employees, which is leaving many of these massive workspaces vacant.


Keypoint Intelligence’s Office CompleteView Advisory Service has been keeping an eye on all of this, most recently with our Future of Work Study. Taking a look at digitizing paper files, collaboration and conferencing tools, as well as printing at home, we also researched hybrid working environments and how they are affecting productivity and employee morale.


Check out our latest infographic!



Log in to the InfoCenter to view research on digitization and scanning, hybrid work environments, as well as the full Future of Work Study through our Office CompleteView Advisory Service. If you’re not a subscriber, just send us an email at for more info.


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