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Deborah Hawkins

ISE 2023: Pushing the Boundaries of Content and Experience

Learning about the future of work

Feb 13, 2023 8:10:16 AM


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Last week saw the return of ISE, the world's largest audio/visual & IT Integrators exhibition; we also saw some of the most current trends around the future of work. Held in Barcelona—a city rich with art, culture, and history—this is a perfect stage for the intersection of music and tech influenced by the latest in information technology. A reported 58,107 unique attendees from 155 countries visited the show, pleasing the organizers and exhibitors alike. Once again, Avixa and Cedia put on a great range of education events to complement the vibrant tech display. There was a whirlwind of content and experience to submerge into. One of my favorites was the cinema-like sound experience on its way to the meeting room. The combination of interactive live streams, including Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxymore and data-driven workplaces, pushed the boundaries of where an event experience can blend into the future workplace.



Hybrid Work Must-Haves

There was great debate about hybrid work and how it might shape the future, which included Keypoint Intelligence’s five must-haves for the future workplace (if you are a subscriber, you can read it here). The smart workplace is no longer only about the technology, but getting the technology right for new working forms will be crucial to retain workers and attract new ones. The platform is at the heart of the user experience and there were excellent examples of how technology is being used to propel people to the front of the conversation regardless of their location.


Back to Nature

Through the exhibition and education events, sustainability and the nature of doing business was paramount. Blended into the exhibition designs and their content, the carbon footprint has become a purchasing criteria and has turned the attention once again to managing devices and facilities smartly to reflect utilisation. Room management and collaboration tools weigh in highly to support hybrid work and the new focus on inclusion is set to raise the bar in new work forums. 


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