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David Sweetnam

Keypoint Intelligence Puts Remanufactured MFPs Through Their Paces

Our newest certification test program helps frame sustainability into sharper focus

Apr 21, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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While going around in circles is typically associated with getting nowhere, it is now a cornerstone for sustainability as buyers, corporations, and governments look for greener ways of purchasing. A3 MFPs for the office have typically been sold on three-to-four-year contracts and refreshed at their contractual end to make way for the next generation of devices. To help buyers feel better about throwing out the old, companies communicate how they are including recycled plastic in new builds, improving manufacturing and logistics processes, and neutralizing their carbon footprint, but this is not enough to satisfy today’s sustainability demands. A critical objective at massive green purchasing game-changers like the European Union is now clearly focused on the circular economy.


Reman/Refurb Rapidly Moves from “Nice to Have” to “Need to Have” Status

Second-life office A3 sales have traditionally been the remit of copier dealers and third-world exporters, doing a light refurb on end of first-life devices and offering them back to the market at budget prices. With the circular economy mandate dictating the need to purchase a percentage of second-life equipment, the game has changed and hardware vendors are having to take this seriously to ensure their customer base is getting a good experience. Great efforts have gone into establishing formalized remanufacturing facilities, with high levels of professionalism from initial inspection to final sign-off.


There is high investment in remanufacturing facilities today.


Enter Keypoint Intelligence’s Certification Program    

To help vendors and high-end remanufacturers differentiate their high-quality product, Keypoint Intelligence has launched a Remanufactured Certification Program with a simple concept: Visit the remanufacturing facility, select multiple random samples for each engine family from on-hand inventory, add a security seal to ensure no “double-checking” before the devices are shipped to our lab, and test them according to our rigorous standardized protocols.


If every device matches up to our standards, then the engine series passes. However, if one in the series fails, they all fail, and certification is not granted.


Our test certification includes over 100 datapoints including an external appearance analysis, assessment of all user interfaces, comprehensive image quality analysis, and a security sweep by Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (ACS), our cybersecurity partner, to ensure no legacy client data is left behind. And as might be expected from Keypoint Intelligence, a big reliability test is run using recycled media.


Devices for testing being randomly selected from inventory and
then labeled to ensure no rechecking takes place before arriving in our lab.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

With sustainability demands and the goal of a truly circular economy continuing to grow in importance, it is imperative that buyers get the full picture on the quality of remanufactured product they are considering. Our test service does exactly that, helping buyers increase their confidence that they are helping the planet without hurting their business.


Please reach out to david.sweetnam@keypointintelligence.com if you have any questions about our new program or a device you would like to have tested.


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