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Greg Cholmondeley

Keypoint Intelligence Reveals Winner of BLI Pacesetter Award in Production Software Sustainability

Which company leads the field in our Market Insights Study?

Dec 8, 2022 11:22:28 AM


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Sustainability and software might seem like an odd combination of concepts. However, according to Keypoint Intelligence research, sustainability is an important consideration in production software acquisition for 56% of our in-plant and commercial print service provider (PSP) respondents. Several production software vendors participated in this first Keypoint Intelligence Market Insights Study and Pacesetter award for sustainability relating to production workflow.


Sustainability has grown to become much more than a business buzzword. Companies have teams developing and implementing plans to make their operations less environmentally impactful. Vendors design or adapt products to reduce carbon impacts for end customers. And those end customers consider these approaches to meet their design sustainability goals and to deliver products to their environmentally aware customers.



What Is the Methodology Behind Our Production Software Sustainability Market Insights Study?

Keypoint Intelligence analyzed responses along four vectors: Corporate Responsibility, Operational Impact, Production Effectiveness, and End-Customer Applications. We also weighted responses based on their strategy’s existence, having key performance indicators (KPIs), and achieved results. While we did identify one Pacesetter Award winner, that company was not the leader in all vectors.


“Developing a Pacesetter Award in Sustainability: Production Workflow pushed the respondents and us to think beyond quality, cost, and functionality,” said Greg Cholmondeley, Principal Analyst of Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Workflow Advisory Service. “One respondent company, possibly coincidentally, established an Environmental and Sustainability Steering Committee shortly after receiving our questionnaire. Another commented that they now realize they should be ‘shouting louder about the positive impact that our software is having on environmental sustainability after completing our survey.’”


Which Vendor Won the BLI Pacesetter Award in Production Software Sustainability?

The competition was close because each of the vendors has a corporate perspective that takes environmental impact seriously, but there was a winner…


BLI 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Sustainability: Production Workflow Winner




Click here to find out the other Pacesetter Award winners over the years. Log in to bliQ to view additional Pacesetter Awards collateral. Subscribers to Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Workflow Advisory Service can access the detailed analysis of all participating vendors in this study and related industry trends. If you’re not a subscriber, send us an email at sales@keypointintelligence.com for more information.