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Carl Schell

LISTEN: Podcast with Brian Gertler of LDI Color ToolBox

Evolving beyond print through managed IT and the smart workplace

Nov 11, 2020 11:22:28 AM



Staying positive during one of the most difficult years in history can only be defined as supremely challenging. Some might say that even trying to grow business in 2020 borders on the unthinkable. For NYC Tri-State Area-based LDI Color ToolBox, on track for its best year ever, the company didn’t realize the plans it had for a product and services expansion would become its saving grace when the coronavirus struck.


“We not only get the chance to integrate great technologies but we [also] get to innovate great solutions, and that’s particularly important with the crisis that’s going on right now,” said Brian Gertler, Partner and Senior Vice President of LDI.


Brian Gertler, Partner and Senior Vice President of LDI Color


The company began as a traditional office equipment dealer in 1999. Since then it has supplemented its portfolio with production gear, color graphic solutions, automated workflows, and pro AV solutions. A formalized MPS program was also launched—not that LDI wasn’t already in peak consulting mode. Today, the company is a full-service technology provider as proven by its burgeoning IT practice, efforts around the smart workplace, entry into unified communications, and recent acquisition of a telecom outfit.


And that’s the heart of this podcast: life beyond print. Like most New Yorkers, Gertler is brutally honest and has endless passion whether discussing shrinking print volumes or what it’s meant to work in The Big Apple during the age of COVID-19.


New opportunities. Progressive thinking. Efficient execution. All that and more are on display here!