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Anne Valaitis

Managed IT Services Offers Expansion Opportunities for Vendors

Latest Keypoint Intelligence study explores key trends

Jan 23, 2024 7:00:00 PM


This month, Keypoint Intelligence released the Managed IT Services (MITS) Partner Market Insights through our Office CompleteView Advisory Service. The focus is on MITS trends that are gaining momentum, with a shift toward outsourcing taking hold. The study also fields insights from MITS vendors in the office and document solutions markets as they face tailwinds.


Our study sees many organizations still rely on chaotic break-fix models to address technology needs, leaving them feeling like they’re stuck in the dark ages. Businesses can no longer afford to be tethered to outdated IT management models. What if instead organizations operated with the smooth reliability of a Formula One racecar team? Enter managed IT services.


In 2024, organizations look to advance initiatives and are planning crucial investments of core information technology capabilities. Top priorities like migrating to the cloud, strengthening cybersecurity defenses, and accelerating digital transformation demand expertise beyond current internal resource constraints. Companies recognize the opportunity in modernizing IT foundations, whether through hosting data and applications in cloud infrastructure for scalability and cost gains or shoring up vulnerabilities given expanding cyber threats. However, fully capitalizing requires skilled partners that specialize in smoothly guiding organizations through major technology transitions and buildouts. The right managed services provider contributes established best practices for overcoming common data migration, integration, rollout risks plus ongoing support delivering returns on these investments. Forward-thinking organizations understand capable assistance in tackling core technology projects unlocks faster competitive gains.



Managed IT services offer a transformative approach to IT management, freeing organizations from the constant turmoil of technical crises. In an era where complex hardware and software power everything from communications to e-commerce, the need for swift and reliable IT performance is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, the specialized technical skills required to navigate this landscape often remain isolated within specific industries. Meanwhile, the ever-evolving threat landscape and rapid emergence of new technologies create a maze that most organizations struggle to navigate.


MITS steps in as a welcome relief, shouldering select IT management burdens and allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. Rather than dealing with constant technical challenges, organizations can rely on a trusted partner to monitor essential infrastructure, ensure service continuity, and recommend optimizations. This strategic shift enables businesses to concentrate on customer satisfaction and overall growth. The right managed IT services provider not only delivers operational stability but also drives strategic improvements.



For businesses that once suffered from the headaches of a break-fix mess, MITS has become a game-changer. Today, they enjoy simplicity and security, enabling them to compete effectively in the modern economy. Managed IT Services providers translate complex technical jargon into actionable business insights, handling not just trouble tickets but also proactive cybersecurity measures, cloud integrations, automation opportunities, and more. Both startups and enterprises leverage MITS to scale capabilities on demand without significant capital outlays.


The strategic importance of IT infrastructure for businesses today has significantly increased due to the growing role that technology plays in day-to-day operations. What was before only an operational need centered on stability has properly assumed the role of a mission-critical function capable of propelling change, facilitating expansion, and supporting competitiveness. However, because of conflicting goals, financial limitations, and an operating style that combines break-fix with legacy systems, most businesses find it difficult for their internal IT staff to advance the role of technology. It is still difficult to fully realize the innovative and resilient potential of IT investments.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

A brighter future beckons. By partnering with expert managed IT service providers, organizations can reliably outsource the heavy lifting, liberate stretched IT teams, and illuminate a path to have IT operations promote mission-critical goals rather than obstruct them. Trusted advisors lend structure and accountability through service contracts that shift expenses from unpredictable capital outlays to transparent ongoing operating costs. Freed resources then focus squarely on progress, not maintenance.

As more leaders look to sharpen their digital competitive edge this year, without further stressing their overworked IT staff, the industry is ripe with opportunity. Change the perspective on development and support for the IT infrastructure and drastically alter its worth. Stable growth and innovation trail behind bold managed IT services partnerships.


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