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Jamie Bsales

OKI Solution Could Earn You Top Marks with Your Education Customers

Dec 7, 2012 11:22:28 AM
OKI School Docu Tool 4
If your dealership caters to any education-market customers, then you should know about the OKI Printing Solutions bundle that might interest them. OKI School Docu Tool is an easy, affordable way for school systems to replace dedicated OMR (optical mark recognition) test systems and forms while retaining the “bubble sheet” multiple-choice test format many teachers like. Developed by Lexmark and bundled by OKI, the School Docu Tool solution includes the required OKI MB780 or MB790 series MFP for printing and scanning test sheets, an MFP-embedded application for educators to complete tasks at the control panel, and server-resident software for processing test forms and generating results reports.

From an educator’s perspective, all steps can be completed at the MFP via a very intuitive control panel interface; teachers never have to use cumbersome PC software with a dedicated OMR scanner. School districts, in turn, can save money in the long run by replacing costly preprinted OMR forms with test sheets that are printed on-demand when needed, rather than ordered in advance and stored.

Best of all, it’s the students that ultimately win: Since teachers will spend less time creating and grading tests, they can be more available after class. And with the automated reports School Docu Tool produces, teachers can quickly assess which topics students (as a class or individually) have comprehended and which need further review.

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