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Lisa Brown

OpenText Encourages Companies to Adopt AI 

Key takeaways from OpenText World 2023

Oct 16, 2023 8:00:00 PM


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, and companies that don’t embrace it will be left behind. This was a recurring theme at the OpenText World 2023 conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 11-12. OpenText is all-in on AI and wants to empower teams with AI to reimagine work.


While arguably many people have concerns and hesitancies around AI, OpenText did not shy away from highlighting these. In fact, OpenText presented a call to action for its customers to come work with them, inviting them to experiment with AI and information management, and providing a guarantee to protect and secure data via its private cloud. It was clear at the event that OpenText openly welcomes the customer perspective and wants to better understand customer concerns and requirements for AI, which will ultimately make its products and services better. 



Three Key Takeaways from OpenText World 2023

OpenText launched its new Aviator platform—a suite of technologies that leverage AI, are integrated in the OpenText cloud, and are designed for a range of business use cases. Built under the umbrella of cloud, security, and AI, OpenText Aviator is the foundation of the company’s offering for SMBs and enterprise customers. The platform is comprised of two components: OpenText Aviator for Business, featuring solutions with embedded generative AI for automated workflows, and OpenText Aviator for Technologists, which targets customers that want to organize and transform their data with engineering tools that support large learning models.


OpenText has changed and accomplished a lot in the last year. Although this was my first OpenText World, there was a confidence and energy in the air that likely stems from the transformation the company underwent in the last 12 months. This transformation includes the company’s acquisition and integration of Micro Focus, along with the numerous innovations and automations the company released in 2023. In addition to its announcements at the event, OpenText shared an impressive roadmap with 90-day release cycles for its OpenText Cloud Editions that goes into calendar 2024. With more than 2,000 attendees, including customers, partners, and analysts/media, OpenText World 2023 was larger than the previous year—partly due to the Micro Focus acquisition, which OpenText noted has been fully integrated into the company’s portfolio.


OpenText also introduced its AI Bill of Obligations. As we currently know it, AI is not perfect. It has security risks, bias, misinformation, and copyright infringement risks, among others. As with any technology, there are also dual-use cases that bring a high level of responsibility associated with the development/design as well as use of AI. As a result, developers and users must think of their values, and companies that adopt AI need to understand that there is a risk of improper use or bad actors that can negatively impact the information. To help combat this, OpenText announced its AI Bill of Obligations to provide its customers with a commitment to transparency, trust, security, and privacy with a goal to promote the common good. Stated best by OpenText, “Great AI needs great data.” More partnerships and collaborations, along with increased data sharing, will improve the AI model and accuracy over time.



Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

OpenText believes that we are in a new AI revolution and that everything—including every organization, every industry, every business, and every human—will be impacted by this technology. We are at an inflection point where it’s important that companies are evaluating AI due to the range of benefits it can bring to an organization, including greater productivity along with an enhanced employee and customer experience. While AI arguably has some preliminary requirements that are critical to the success and effectiveness of AI, such as great data, there is only room for technological improvement from here. According to OpenText, this is the worst that AI will ever be.

Looking ahead, there is some uncertainty about the future of AI, including the potential impact that it will have on the world, and we need to expect that AI will be a target for regulation. According to OpenText, we will ultimately need some rules and regulations tied to AI to ensure global alignment, but now is the time to start experimenting so that organizations will be ahead of the curve. OpenText is well positioned to help companies with their AI journey.


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