PODCAST: Modernizing Revenue with Shawn Peterson of Quantum Business Solutions

Systemize, optimize, and automate your sales processes

Dec 8, 2021 11:22:28 AM


Successful businesses that routinely refine processes understand that change is constant. Still, sometimes a workflow is so broken that it needs to be shown the dumpster. Either way, change can be difficult for many.


Shawn Peterson is a process guy, he has been for a long time, and he is also not afraid. With extensive sales experience on the channel side of the print industry, he decided this year to trek down a new path in his career by starting a consulting firm aimed at modernizing revenue through improvement of dealer sales processes.


Shawn Peterson, Founder and CEO of Quantum Business Solutions


Quantum Business Solutions is the sum of Peterson’s expertise and passion, and then some. While he’s well versed in organic growth versus acquisitions, leadership tips and tricks, as well as the value of forming strong partnerships, ultimately what drives him most is coaching organizations on how to systemize, optimize, and automate sales processes.


“About 70% of sales processes can be automated, which frees up a lot of time to solicit and sell to prospective customers,” Peterson said during one of our podcast pregame calls. “Then, when you layer in things like EQ and relationship building, what you can have are efficient sales processes that result in bigger pipelines and as much as 10x in productivity gains.”


Modernizing revenue, that’s the heart of this matter. Enjoy the education!


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