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Randy Dazo

Recapping Automate 2024: Robotics, AI, & Automation

Three things you need to be thinking about every day

May 13, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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The idea of robots performing tedious, repetitive tasks is nothing new—to compensate for labor shortages or otherwise. The implementation of robots, however, is only picking up steam thanks to price points reaching a tipping point of affordability. And, if you left Automate 2024 without the belief that we will see impressive growth in robotics, then you probably met with the Luddite Club of Greater Chicago across the street from McCormick Place.


Print is a space where robotics have been in action, but the outgrowth of all the technology development will be to print’s further benefit—particularly with production print (offline workflows, for instance). We have already seen robots and automation deployed in textile (during manufacturing) and packaging (pick/pack/ship). Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and robotics are being used in everyday processes in the print industry.


Back to Automate 2024. The registration line on the third day of the event was longer than 5,000 feet, and the anticipation of getting on the busy show floor was pretty intense. It was an exciting showcase of the cutting-edge in automation, robotics, and manufacturing technologies, drawing industry leaders and tech aficionados alike to delve into the future of transformation, regardless of industry. Over four dynamic days, the show offered a platform for unveiling revolutionary tech such as axis robot arms, autonomous warehouse picking devices and forklifts, as well as humanlike and some four-legged robots.



An important highlight was the introduction by leading robotics firms of advanced robots that exhibit unprecedented levels of intuition, flexibility, and the capacity to execute complex tasks independently. These robots are now more adept, what with machine learning, AI, and enhanced sensory technologies that broaden their applicability across industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. Also noteworthy were collaborative robots (or “cobots”) designed to safely cooperate alongside humans, potentially transforming workplace dynamics by improving safety and operational efficiency.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Automate 2024 was not just another show or event—rather it is a comprehensive exploration into the technological advancements shaping the future of many industries, including ours. With the combination of fast-paced development in AI, it set the stage for what could/should/would happen down the road with automation. It promises significant transformation in business operations and industry standards. For anyone vested in the evolution of automation, this event was a treasure trove of insight and opportunity, pointing toward an exciting future as these technologies integrate into mainstream applications.


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