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Ricoh Summit Denver: A View from Keypoint Intelligence

A recap of Ricoh’s first large-scale event in four years!

Oct 24, 2023 8:00:00 PM


The Ricoh Summit, held in Denver, CO, from October 10-13, brought together the Ricoh team, Ricoh dealers, industry leaders, and exhibitors ranging from software, services, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) and sales enablement providers, all with focused offerings for the channel. The dealer-focused Ricoh Summit was the first larger event for Ricoh in four years, with its last dealer event of this magnitude happening in 2019 (previously called ConvergX). The theme of the event was centered on Vision + Access = Success.


Jennifer Healy-Rooney, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, Communications, Programs and Enablement, brought her energy to kickstart the event and stressed that the event is “all about you”— and the agenda was structured around the dealer feedback. She discussed Ricoh’s Dealer Partner Marketing programs, which are targeted to help dealers increase reach, enhance communications plans, and drive sales. Dealers not taking advantage of these unique and valuable plans offered by Ricoh’s dedicated team should reach out to begin using these services to help grow business.



On the first day of the event, many dealers were celebrated as top producers for Ricoh, including but not limited to:

  • Highest Total Revenue in US: UBEO
  • Highest Total Revenue Independent Dealer: Applied Innovation
  • Highest Total Revenue Dedicated Dealer: Metro Sales, Inc.
  • Highest Production Revenue: Pacific Office Automation (POA)


Ricoh’s President and CEO Carsten Bruhn delivered the company’s growth highlights, future plans, commitment to innovation and emphasized how Ricoh is dedicated to help its dealers grow. He also discussed the focus that Ricoh has placed on enhancing company culture, where various programs and interactive activities have been put in place to empower employees by providing input and feedback into company direction.



Keypoint Intelligence participated in the Customer Experience Expo, showcasing UVERCE® (online product catalog and digital sales enablement platform) and quote iQ (configure, price, quote). Anthony Sci, President and CEO of Keypoint Intelligence, took part in the general session panel on digital sales engagement took center stage. Customers of Keypoint’s UVERCE® platform discussed their visions for growing business by embracing digital sales as part of their strategy. The panel consisted of Tim Renegar of Kelly Office Solutions, Greg Conroy of Omni Business Systems, and Robert Woodhull of Woodhull. UVERCE® is an approved co-op Ricoh solution to help dealers move into the area of digital sales engagement. The panel emphasized the growing significance of having an online presence to expand its reach, allow research to happen for all their products (presales), and to use this platform to drive new leads into their organization.


Ricoh also discussed its efforts in reducing the environmental impact of its products and services. Ricoh has been a market leader in environmental responsibility and will continue to offer eco-friendly practices to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.


The sessions at the summit included both Ricoh personnel and experts and offered insights into current market trends and strategies for dealers to maintain their competitiveness. Attendees gained valuable information on understanding customer needs, developing tailored solutions, and differentiating themselves in a crowded market. A few sessions of note were as follows:


Production Print Innovation Panel: With the launch of the Ricoh C7500 and C9500 products, dealers have new and enhanced products to sell on the market. The dealer panel discussed why they moved into the production equipment space and how they have grown this business for added growth. There were also other sessions during the event to help dealers grow with production print offerings. According to Keypoint Intelligence, production color print volumes will continue to grow, and dealers can reap the benefits of selling digital color production devices.


Igniting Success: Sales Enablement Strategies for Thriving in Diverse Vertical Markets: Vertical selling is not a new concept. However, it is often difficult to get started. Ricoh’s session was focused on helping dealers understand how to tailor sales techniques to reap the benefits for vertical market opportunities. This included insight into the tools and strategies to understand opportunities and execute an approach for success. Keypoint Intelligence tracks verticals and sees opportunities across the office and production marketplace in the areas of healthcare, public sector, finance/insurance, and education, to name several. Dealers need to adopt a strategy to ensure they are focusing on the right verticals for growth and setting an execution plan to understand the buyers, their needs, and how the Ricoh offerings fit.


The 2023 Summit has set the stage for future targeted events to be held by Ricoh for its dealers. It was stressed many times that Ricoh listened to dealer feedback and provided sessions/topics critical to support channel growth. Ricoh is also offering a trio of enhanced systems to help in a dealer’s journey: the Dealer Experience Portal; Portfolio, Digital Factory & Voice of Dealer; and Digital Deliverables & Marketing Programs.



Another experience—part of Ricoh’s decision to hold the event in Denver—was the ability to review its products in the Customer Experience Center located in Boulder. Here, dealers are able to see many devices in the company’s production and wide format lineup.


During the visits, Ricoh discussed and showed its new PRO C9500 and PRO C7500 as well as a thriving software portfolio. With these offerings, there are many things to look forward to as a Ricoh dealer.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

The Ricoh Summit 2023 in Denver was a valuable event that allowed Ricoh to showcase where it will focus and how it will support its dealer channel. Ricoh stressed that it would invest in various areas including the further advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing, security, and other emerging technologies. These innovations are poised to drive efficiency and dealers must start to have the ability to communicate the value to its customers.

Print is still a critical piece of Ricoh’s strategy. However, with a host of other innovative offerings, dealers must start to work this into their customer communications. Overall, the event was a great success and provided a platform for industry leaders to exchange insights, foster innovation, and align with the changing landscape of how business is conducted. Ricoh is committed to supporting its dealers by adapting to evolving market trends to allow it to be better prepared to thrive in a competitive and dynamic market.


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