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Marlene Orr

Samsung Wants to “Smartify” Your Business

Sep 25, 2014 12:22:28 PM


Samsung’s new Smartify campaign, which was highlighted at its recent National Dealer Summit, focuses on the “connected workplace,” which goes beyond just printers and MFPs. It’s about all devices—tablets, smart phones, laptops—working together as a “smart” ecosystem, where the MFP is the hub, letting users connect their devices seamlessly and get business done faster. This same campaign encourages Samsung dealers to sell the company’s other hardware products, such as tablets (including the new channel-only Tab 4 Education), Chromebooks and wide-format displays.

“With our Smartify campaign, Samsung is furthering its commitment to B2B and support of the channel, providing opportunities for dealers to grow and deliver on the promise of a digital business,” said Tod Pike, senior vice president at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division.

As part of the campaign, Samsung also revealed two software apps targeted to dealers for use on their smartphones or tablets: the Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS) and Printer Catalog 2.0. SPDS lets dealers diagnose and troubleshoot devices, while the Printer Catalog 2.0 provides an interactive database of compatible solutions, as well as part numbers for supplies and associated accessories, for all models in Samsung’s current line.

A Proven Track Record of Innovation

Samsung has long been a leader in technology innovation, logging a number of industry firsts in many of its business units. Samsung noted that it ranked second only to IBM among tech companies for patent filings in 2013 (with 4,676). Putting its money where its mouth is, Samsung invested $13.6 billion in research and development last year. Not only that, but, in six out of eight business divisions, Samsung holds the number one spot against competitors. Despite its low market share in printing, Samsung has vowed to bring this leadership and innovation to the forefront of that business division, too. With its commitment to innovation and colossal investments in R&D, Samsung might just pull it off.

Samsung MX4 Series Smart User Interface
Samsung’s new Smart User Interface is designed like the company’s line of tablets; it employs the Android OS and allows for fast and easy customization. Some of the preloaded icons/apps include Copy, Scan/Send, Box, Job Status, Counter, Settings and Help.


Samsung announced the MX4 series of A3 and A4 MFPs, which feature the first Android OS tablet-based user interface on the market. Leveraging the company’s strengths in the areas of tablets and semiconductors, Samsung has developed a 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet interface, much like the company’s current line of tablets, that provides touch and swipe scrolling, customization and simplicity. Though slight delays were noted when switching between menus, we found the system easy to navigate in our brief hands-on demo. 


Samsung M4580FX
The ProXpress M4580FX, shown in the base
configuration, sits on the desktop and includes a
10.1" touchscreen interface.
Two monochrome A4 and five A3 MFPs (three mono and two color) were announced at the dealer summit. On the A4 side, the M4580FX prints at 47 ppm, while the M5370LX prints at 55 ppm. The A3 color models, the MultiXpress X4250LX and X4300LX, have rated speeds of 25 and 30 ppm, respectively. The three A3 monochrome models, the MultiXpress K4250LX, K4300LX and K4350LX, range in speed from 25 to 35 ppm. All models in the MX4 series include a standard DSPF to scan both sides of documents in and single pass and employ Samsung’s XOA (Extensible Open Architecture) platform to integrate seamlessly with productivity-boosting and money-saving software solutions. And contributing to savings, the new devices employ long-life consumables (100,000-page drum/300,000-page developer on the A4 models and 200,000-page drum/400,000-page developer on the A3 models), which in addition to reducing costs, lead to less downtime.


The Biggest News of the Day

The highlight of the event was the pre-announcement of the MX7 series, slated for spring 2015 availability. Pike unveiled the prototype, which was met by much excitement from the dealer community, as evidenced by the throng of dealers vying to get a closer look at the device at the adjacent product fair. In a market that is basically flat, Samsung has developed a series of MFPs that not only fills a gap in the product line, but also generated great interest from dealers wanting the next big thing. With rated speeds of 40, 50 and 60 ppm in black and color, these A3 MFPs feature the same tablet-style interface, mounted on a swiveling base so the screen can be rotated and used in landscape or portrait orientation (the latter being extremely helpful for scan preview, allowing for a larger image of a scanned page). Other spec details were limited, but dealers seemed hopeful regarding this latest advancement from Samsung.

Samsung MX7 Series with Finisher
The MX7 series, slated for release in 2015, includes a swiveling tablet interface, offers robust paper handling and speeds of 40, 50 and 60 ppm in black and color.