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Carl Schell

VIDEO: Dino Pagliarello Charts New Course by Joining Sharp

Company makes bold, smart move in effort to build on success

Apr 16, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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A certain degree of trepidation is inherent when change is afoot. I have long maintained that change is a good thing (not “change can be a good thing”), and maybe my positivity is why I embrace change. It could be a change in how you do the dishes or a process at work. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned change of scenery is the fuel needed to elevate to the next level. Bieber, Bowie, 2Pac, Sabbath, and Yes have used “Changes” as a song title, helping make the relatable subject that much more relatable.


Dino Pagliarello recently decided to make a change in his career. Many of you have probably spent time with him, and I’m sure you’d agree that his demeanor is perhaps the best example of calm confidence in the print industry. He expresses himself in an efficient manner that many would learn from—and you listen to his words. I was fortunate enough to see and hear all this on full display during our conversation about his new venture at Sharp, just weeks after he joined the Montvale, NJ-based operation.



We covered a lot of ground: Why he decided to take the leap, what his new role looks like, and how the first 60-90 days of his Sharp tenure are shaping up. His extensive work with office and production products seem greatly aligned with the company’s strategy in both markets, notably with the latter as Sharp intends to increase its presence in production. Toward the end, we touched on the important topics of consolidation and dealers vs. directs—and that time we ran into each other at a Van Halen show.


Sharp has had a lot of good mojo even before last year’s successful dealer meeting. A3 sales have grown year-over-year for a decade. Its mix of workplace and production hardware and software—as well as smart technologies such as displays, laptops, and unified communication solutions—represent a big reason why countless people in print and beyond believe the company possesses an intriguing portfolio.


A winning portfolio, one that will only get better over time…and through change.




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