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Lindsey Naples

VIDEO: Interview Insights with Evandro Matteucci of EFI

The what’s what within the packaging/digital printing industries

Nov 10, 2022 11:22:28 AM


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The packaging space is getting more and more of the limelight the deeper we move into 2022. Come next year, it will undoubtedly take yet another leap forward as more businesses enter the area—packaging is a lucrative opportunity after all, with a forecast of $980 million this year alone.


On the heels of PRINTING United, one of the largest production print shows in the world, our very own Jean Lloyd sat down with her friend and former colleague Evandro Matteucci, Vice President and General Manager of Packaging and Building Materials at EFI, to discuss a host of things related to packaging. Matteucci, who has been in the print industry for decades, started out in high school as a technician in graphic arts and has had the opportunity to work all over the globe (currently based out of Spain). 


One topic that they hit on—and certainly everyone can relate to—is how e-commerce became an even bigger part of people’s lives during the pandemic. People avoided leaving their homes, and more product would show up at front doors as a result.


Enter the Nozomi 14000 LED, EFI’s single-pass printer for corrugated packaging and displays, which the company says saves up to 35% of energy costs compared to a flexo-press. With sustainability and profit on so many of our minds, this is a key feature—especially with the resulting “explosion,” as Matteucci calls it, of e-commerce due to the pandemic. Advantageous in high quality, high volume, and cost-effective categories, the Nozomi also covers 97% of the Pantone color gamut whereas white ink is essential for achieving high-quality output on corrugated, especially on brown paper. All these features have invaluable benefits for this market.


Even now, in this post-COVID world, carefully planned and customized items are still in demand, and the signs all point to this trend continuing. The first thing a consumer encounters is usually the packaging, so even before the fun of unboxing whatever goodies were delivered, they’re consuming brand advertisement just by seeing the box.


Situations that tended to impact many industries negatively (supply chain disruption, extended lead times, e-commerce, etc.), are working in favor of digital printing, and the need for new presses is increasing each quarter—EFI has over 40 installations of large presses around the globe, soon to be 50. No matter which way you spin it, the value of digital print is immense!



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