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Tanya Sherman

VIDEO: Interview Insights with Jim Continenza, CEO of Eastman Kodak

Speaking on customer-first initiatives and sustainability

Aug 30, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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In an interview hosted by Jean Lloyd, Principal Analyst of the Color Digital Labels and Packaging Advisory Service for Keypoint Intelligence, Eastman Kodak CEO Jim Continenza shared his insight into his unique approach to embracing innovative transformation with the launch of the Ascend Press, redefining leadership by preserving (and: yet, re-identifying) the Kodak brand, as well as driving new business for Kodak’s customers in printing and packaging markets. In his words: “We want our customers to grow in the packaging space where there is so much growth potential and opportunity…Everything we do is about our customers, how we support them, and how to help grow their business. We only win if our customers sell.”


The Kodak Ascend Press is well positioned for those short-run digital packaging jobs, which is an incentivizing reason to invest in the technology. Continenza and his team continue to follow through on the “Print That Pays” promise to invest in resource-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions that guarantee high returns for customers. The Ascend Press is symbolic of the innovative footprint Continenza wants Kodak to set in the packaging space.


Karstedt’s research has shown that 6-10 months into the installation of single-pass digital presses in the corrugated market, users are expanding the function of these systems to relieve pressures on other plant assets—regardless of the number of colours or the order size. Our research shows that over 40% of digital orders are no longer classified as short runs. This was seen in the labels market over the past decade as digital label presses became more efficient, with such quotes from users as, “I am making more money on my analogue presses by taking tough jobs to my digital press.”


The bottom line of this story is not to look at the cost of the digitally printed product; but how that digital asset will increase operational efficiency and profitability. This same shared research suggests that 4%-5% more profit can be seen out the door by using a digital press for more than just short runs. The bottom line is to use digital to improve your bottom line. 



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