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Mark DiMattei

VIDEO: Keypoint Intelligence Discusses Its Acquisition of Karstedt Partners

An exciting future lies ahead for our Packaging & Labels Division

Sep 29, 2022 12:22:28 PM



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Packaging continues to gain attention within the traditional print industry. Retail and brand strategies driving consumer engagement view the use of high-graphics packaging as critical in garnering attention on the shelf, or in the unboxing experience through e-commerce channels. The growth has, in turn, caught the attention of the broader print industry, but why?


One word: Opportunity.


Unlike other areas of print, there is no substitute product for packaging. Growth in the space is creating challenges for the traditional packaging supply chain—challenges that create opportunities for new entrants as well as incumbent suppliers.


In case you had not heard, or just learned through the headline of this piece, we recently acquired Kardstedt Partners, a company many in the packaging space are very familiar with. Founded in 1996, Kardstedt Partners has been an innovator for consumer products and the packaging supply chain, providing its customers with analysis and insight that seamlessly fits into Keypoint Intelligence’s wheelhouse. As such, our Packaging & Labels Division has been born (previously known as Color Digital Label & Packaging).


What does all this mean? How will subscribers to our Advisory Service benefit? Where is packaging—and labels, let’s not forget about that—headed? Keypoint Intelligence Principal Analyst Jean Lloyd sits down with our new colleagues Kevin Karstedt and Jeff Wettersten to discuss some of the details of this union as well as their overarching thoughts on the packaging market.



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