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Carl Schell

WATCH: In Conversation With Dave Moorman of Novatech

President/CISO brings an IT focus to company’s managed office strategy

Mar 18, 2021 12:22:28 PM


There are many great bands from the American South. The Allman Brothers immediately come to mind, for one.


These days, Nashville-based Novatech is serving up its own brand of sweet music.


Make no mistake, though: Even if its geographical footprint spans the southern United States, Novatech is very much a national company thanks in large part to Dave Moorman, President and Chief Information Security Officer. In the two years since DynaSis, his long-time business venture (a 65-person MSP out of Atlanta) was acquired by the Tennessee mega dealer, it’s very fair to say that Novatech has taken a kangaroo bounce forward from its NovaCopy days.


Dave Moorman, President and Chief Information Security Officer of Novatech

SMBs have long been the heart of Novatech’s customer base, as they were with DynaSis before it became Novatech’s IT division. This synergy is just one of the reasons why the move has worked out so beautifully, not to mention profitably. New opportunities for the entire staff (Moorman streamlined the software “tech stack” from roughly 30 solutions to a handful to create an easier sales process) and new opportunities for Novatech have contributed to the positive momentum, too. 


Moorman, who plays bass and whose passion for technology stems from the drummer leaving his old band many moons ago, is candid and genuine. During our conversation, he spoke about turning an MSP into a dealer’s IT arm (watch the clip below!) as well as the company’s recent location expansions and somewhat surprising exit from 3D print.


In short, how Novatech continues to hit all the right notes.


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