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Gabriel Alers

Who Still Checks Their Mail?

Looking at the communication preferences of Gen Z and Millennials

Mar 23, 2023 12:22:28 PM


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In today’s day and age, Gen Z-ers certainly has made a name for themselves. Speaking from the perspective of Gen Z myself, we can be a tough demographic to figure out given our diversity and the range of communication channels that we engage with. Despite this, surprisingly, we have proven to continue a classic habit: We still check our mailboxes! I know that’s a shock considering we’re the generation that practically invented being glued to your phone.


Keypoint Intelligence recently published an analysis pinpointing generational consumers communication preferences. According to Keypoint Intelligence’s Transactional and Marketing Communication Survey, Gen Z (on average) checks their mailbox more frequently than Millennials.


How often do you collect mail from your mailbox?


One thing for certain is we’ll never give up technology and we absolutely love options—meaning we like print and digital communications together. For example, our study found that 46% of GenZ and Millennial respondents indicated that they like to receive both digital and print versions of customer communications. Why? Because Gen Z and Millennials are constantly on the move, so sometimes receiving a piece of mail serves as a grounding or reminder for something important.


You have indicated that you receive a print and digital version of the same communication.
Why do you receive both print and digital versions of the same bill or statement?


Digital inboxes have such a high influx that even receiving an email with high priority does not really feel like one. However, when you receive a statement or bill with the bold letter title on the front “First Notice” or “Final Notice”, shivers will always go down your spine. That’s the psychological power of print and direct mail.


Gen Z and Millennials also engage with direct mail. Keypoint Intelligence’s survey found that only 11%-12% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents immediately toss direct mail into the trash or recycling bin—this has no real difference in behavior to older generations. In fact, approximately 30% of the two youngest demographics open everything and thoroughly review the direct mail pieces they receive. Another 22% of Millennial and 27% of Gen Z respondents only open direct mail that is particular interest to them, which highlights the importance of personalization and knowing the right personas to target.


Which of the following best describes how you engage with printed advertisements and promotions
received in the mail?


Of course, as intriguing as it may be that we Gen Z and our Millennial brethren engage with direct mail, it does raise an important question. Do these two age groups respond, and maybe even spend some money on a product or service because of the direct mail they are receiving? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. In fact, 61% of Millennials and 51% of Gen Z stated that they made a purchase within the past six months as a result of receiving direct mail.


Engagement with mail does, of course, trigger a purchasing journey that spans physical and digital channels. Gen Z and Millennials have taken a decades-old routine and added a modern twist to it because the first thing we do when we get mail is check online for what needs to be taken care of. We might keep a piece of mail because of a personalized deal offer or scan a QR code to access a discount promotion (because who doesn’t love a good bargain?). The key point, though, is that the physical mail piece still plays a role in younger generations customer journey.


We young folk are not always the easiest to comprehend, but we are paving the way into the future. It might come as a shock, but that future still entails walking down the driveway, iced coffee in hand, and checking the postman’s catch of the day.


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