Security and IoT Testing, Assessments, Monitoring & Your Virtual CISO

Cybersecurity continues to be one of the biggest areas of concern for our clients and their customers. Keypoint Intelligence can help you improve your security posture through in-depth assessments and testing that can uncover vulnerabilities and help your IT or development team resolve and mitigate them.

Our testing and security validation services can help OEMs ascertain security risks present in their connected devices (both released and pre-launch), then let them show customers that the devices meet “business secure” standards through our Security Validation Test seal.

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Security Services

Office Hardware Penetration Testing

These tests validate the security of copiers/printers, and they have helped organizations improve and increase the security posture of their devices.

Office Hardware Device Management Policy Compliance Testing

These tests validate that your device management policy solutions do what they are supposed to: Manage and monitor the security posture of devices within your organization.

IoT Device Penetration Testing

Any network-connected device is a target for hackers, so these tests help improve the security of IoT products as well as promote those that meet our stringent industry benchmarks.

Security Validation Benchmark Seal

Buyers Lab (BLI) test seals and certificates have helped marketing and sales departments promote your products for more than 60 years. Our Security Validation Test seal has become a benchmark in the office peripheral industry and helps position the security of your products using consistent testing processes and methodologies as an industry stamp of approval.

Security Integrity Audit

Our Security Integrity Audit can help to expose vulnerabilities of your in-house systems and networks, thus enabling organizations to more effectively manage risk.

Security Network Monitoring Services

Managed Detection and Response is a service that combines continuous monitoring of a business’s digital assets with an “always-on” certified incident response team to defend your network to first prevent, and ultimately to respond to, a cyberattack.

Security Assessments for Insurance Premiums

As part of the security integrity audit, we help companies uncover vulnerabilities and mitigate those risks by improving the organizations security posture that can be used to lower security insurance premiums.

Virtual CISO Consulting Services

With our vCISO services, our mission is to offer clients solutions and services that can enable business growth, provide improvements in productivity and efficiency, and protect information as it flows inside and outside of an organization.

What’s Included

Cybersecurity Integrity Audit
Managed Detection And Response As A Service
vCISO Services
Our Testing Methodology

Who Can Benefit


  • Assessment services can uncover weaknesses within your infrastructure to prevent internal and external security threats
  • Cybersecurity monitoring services can help identify threats as they are happening and alert, stop, and prevent attacks from infiltrating your environment
  • We offer virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services

Engineering & Product Development

  • Our device penetration assessment and validation services has helped many engineers and product developers uncover hardware vulnerabilities and provide advice on how to mitigate them to prevent any further attacks
  • Keypoint Intelligence can evaluate your security policy device management solutions to ensure that it captures rogue devices or improper security settings and ensure that monitored devices comply with your security setting postures


  • Keypoint Intelligence’s industry-recognized Security Validation Test seal promotes the security integrity of your devices, once it passes our rigorous security penetration or policy compliance testing benchmarks


  • Salespeople around the world use our independent third-party test reports to show the capabilities of your products to their clients

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