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Keypoint Intelligence Predicts Growth in Different Digital Printing Applications


Keypoint Intelligence, a leading provider of market research and analysis for the digital imaging industry, recently published a forecast looking at the future growth and decline in the US and Western Europe of a variety of digital printing applications through 2027. The report analyzes its predictions by the following application groups (in addition to color vs black & white printing):

  • General office (business cards, CAD/rendering, presentations, reports etc.)
  • Promotional (brochures, direct mail, catalogs, coupons, signage, posters etc.)
  • Publishing (books, greeting cards, directories, magazines, manuals, newspapers etc.)
  • Transaction (bills/statements, checks, and TransPromo)
  • Packaging (corrugated, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and labels)
  • Utility (security print, forms, and proofing)
  • Consumer (fine art and photo merchandise)
  • Industrial (wall/floor coverings and textile/soft signage)


While most black & white applications and color general office printing is expected to decline due transitioning toward electronic communication, commercial printing applications together with some publishing applications such as books and magazines are expected to grow in digital printing.   

“In particular, there will be significant growth of photo applications due to the shift from AgX to digital printing is expected to accelerate in the next few years,” commented German Sacristan, Production Group Director at Keypoint Intelligence. 

The Digital Printing Application Forecast: 2022-2027 report can be purchased for the US or Western European global report has a version focused on the US market and another on Western Europe. Both versions come with a pivot sheet and slides. The report can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription  to other research provided by Keypoint Intelligence’s On-Demand Printing & Publishing advisory service.

For more information about the report, please click here.