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Carl Schell

Channel Strategy Session: How Marco Approaches Acquisitions (PODCAST)

What are the mega dealer’s keys to success in the M&A game?

Oct 17, 2023 8:00:00 PM


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It never hurts to put new sets of eyes on established processes, even if the workflows have been effective and efficient over many years. There is always room to improve, to refine, or possibly redefine. Marco has built its business, in part, due to its excellence in knowing when to flip a switch, hit a button, or turn a lever—especially when it comes to that much discussed and dissected topic in any industry:




Jack Rodman is the Director of Corporate Development at Marco. Jolene Shaughnessy is the Vice President of Human Resources at Marco. Together they form a harmonious duo at the forefront of the mega dealer’s initiative around acquisitions, and they delivered the goods—education, insight, beneath-the-surface conversation—during a recent episode of The Key Point Podcast.


Here’s the hook: Rodman and Shaughnessy started working at Marco on the very same day about a year ago. Whether they spoke about strategy or the HR aspects (culture, onboarding) of the process, or broke down the acquisition of Karpinski’s in Western Pennsylvania earlier this year, it was very clear that these two bright people are helping each other as well as the company succeed.


Hear it for yourself today, and read about Marco’s latest pair of acquisitions here!


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