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Carl Schell

Channel Strategy Session: Interview Insights with Bob Madaio of Sharp (VIDEO)

How have things been going since the company’s dealer meeting?

Aug 1, 2023 9:47:18 AM


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Hard to believe it’s been three months since the Sharp National Dealer Meeting 2023, which carried “Opportunity Meets Execution” as its theme. We learned all about the opportunity portion during the show, but, seeing as a decent chunk of time has gone by since then, I figured it was time to see where Sharp stood on the execution part.


And when you want lively and insightful conversation, not to mention that spice of spontaneous humor, Bob Madaio is right there to make it happen. The Vice President of Marketing at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America cuts straight to the heart of any question, which makes the job of a host/interviewer for me as easy as banking in an uncontested layup in transition.



Along with a recap of the dealer meeting, we dug into the key takeaways of the event and what has been happening on those fronts since—starting with Sharp’s entry into the true production print space. We hit on the company’s new security partnership with ConnectWise and its expanding distribution partnership with TD SYNNEX, too. And because Madaio and I like marketing as well as dealers, we dedicated a portion of our conversation to those two topics.


Addressing a subject or a challenge is one thing, but it cannot stop there. You need to care for it, nurture it, and follow through on it. To execute a strategy. To give yourself the best chance of not just surviving, but better yet succeeding.


Sharp is on the ball. Enjoy the clip below!


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