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Keith Haas

ConnectWise Adds to Its Portfolio with Acquisition of Wise-Sync

Move integrates payment processing into company’s MSP management platform

Sep 12, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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ConnectWise is adding to its already strong collection of tools for managed services providers (MSPs) by acquiring Wise-Sync and its integrated payment automation platform. Keypoint Intelligence sees this move as being beneficial for MSPs’ operational and sales teams alike, as ConnectWise can now provide native tools to help MSPs better run their managed IT services and help businesses improve their financial efficiency.



Wise-Sync has had an established relationship with ConnectWise, as its platform was used with the ConnectWise Manage solution for payment collection. ConnectWise has already got the ball rolling with new ways to incorporate Wise-Sync’s solutions, as the company has integrated Wise-Sync’s payment processing platform into ConnectWise Sell following the announcement. This software helps sales teams spend less time on administrative tasks through solutions like quote and proposal automation and customizable templates. Transaction workflows will be even more streamlined thanks to Wise-Pay, as payment collection can now be automated once a client approves a given quote.


As we noted in our coverage of the ConnectWise IT Nation Secure show, the company is already the leading provider of tools, platforms, and resources to help MSPs deliver IT and managed security services. While ConnectWise customers already had access to Wise-Sync’s services as part of the ConnectWise partner ecosystem, bringing the technology in-house should allow ConnectWise to more fully and seamlessly integrate its functionality.


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