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Gabriel Alers, Shawn Preval

Consumer Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

The demographics of generative AI use

Feb 25, 2024 7:00:00 PM


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If you haven’t seen the headlines in the past year or so, we have entered a new era of the information age. The dawn of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us, and it has shocked the world to its core. The power of generative AI has been unleashed to the masses and its capabilities seem limitless—Keypoint Intelligence has obviously taken great note of that and we conducted a recent study to dig further into the consumer perspective and case uses for generative AI.


Source: Consumer Survey 2023


When looking across generations, the adoption of generative AI has been resounding from Gen Z and Millennials, with 72% of Gen Z and 62% of Millennial respondents stating they have used generative AI. Gen X has been no slouch either at 44%. However, Baby Boomers have a use-case that is far lower at 26% for those aged 59-68 who are most likely still in the work force and 20% for those aged 69-77 who are most likely retired. Diving deeper into how prevalent consumers are using generative AI, there appears to be an interesting insight into who exactly is using it and what their use cases are. Across income demographics, respondents earning $100K or more are power users—with 48% using it weekly—in comparison to respondents below their income bracket.


But what are these groups using AI for? Millennials and Gen X are the current middle management leaders of today’s work force; their use case for generative AI for work far exceeds other generations at 51% and 45%, respectively. Gen Z, however, has a more divided use case with 35% using generative AI for work and 42% for their education. It can be expected that, as Gen Z ages into the work force, this split will shift further towards work use as they take the torch from today’s corporate leaders and launch the usage of generative AI to the next level. 


But what about people’s perception of generative AI? Do they feel they comprehend it enough to use it? Clearly, consumers are amused by it with 57% of all respondents using generative AI for their entertainment.


Source: Consumer Survey 2023


Consumers aren’t fools. About 57% of all respondents have a basic understanding of what generative AI does, with that number increasing even further with 27% having a good understanding. But at 52%, most consumers have yet to even try using generative AI. So, what gives? Is this an opportunity being missed? Could the fearmongering headlines about job displacement be preventing consumers from even giving generative AI a shot? Time will only tell, but it’s clear there is an opportunity here to boost productivity and creativity for everyone that gives generative AI a try. As use cases are further clarified, not only will the workplace change, but society as we know it will enter a new future.


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