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Anne Valaitis

Futureproof Your Business with an AI game plan

Kick off 2024 with an artificial intelligence strategy

Jan 8, 2024 7:00:00 PM


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Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly progressed from a futuristic fantasy to an integral part of our everyday lives. As AI capabilities continue to advance at breakneck speed, businesses across all industries are realizing the vast potential of harnessing AI to enhance operations, increase efficiency, and boost profits. For managed print and document solution providers, adopting AI-powered tools now is key to staying ahead of the curve and delivering superior value to clients in the years ahead.


AI possesses powerful pattern recognition and predictive capabilities to automate routine tasks. For document solution providers, AI can extract data from contracts, forms, invoices, and other paperwork to auto-populate information into relevant systems. This eliminates tedious manual data entry, minimizes errors, and allows employees to focus on higher priority work. AI also shows immense promise in improving document searchability through optical character recognition (OCR).


Additionally, chatbots and other conversational artificial intelligence can be integrated to facilitate customer support queries and invoice- or contract-related questions, routing only the most complex issues to human agents. Such innovations not only make operations more efficient but boost customer satisfaction through quick resolution of simpler requests, too.


Keypoint’s study into AI-powered document processing uncovered that close to 60% of organizations were highly motivated to increase employee efficiency and satisfaction. Over 48% were also driven to modernize content-centric workflows using intelligent automation. As business needs shift, what measures can print and document specialists take to harness AI and deliver greater value?


The true test for any business today is delivering a seamless, personalized client experience. For document solution specialists, AI unlocks game-changing ways to tailor offerings to each customer’s unique needs. By applying machine learning (ML) algorithms to client data, providers can gain actionable insights to predict needs before they arise and recommend relevant solutions proactively.


AI also manages to enable the creation of smart workflows that simplify document management. Machine learning models can be developed to classify, route, and extract key information from documents automatically based on client specifications. This takes the hassle out of managing multi-step documentation processes for customers and results in greater efficiency and cost savings for clients which, in turn, strengthens provider relationships.


The message for providers and end-buyers across sectors is clear: Adapt or get left behind. For managed print and document solution firms, this means reviewing your tech stack and processes to pinpoint where AI can drive maximum impact.


The rise of artificial intelligence also shines a spotlight on a looming skills gap. The demand for AI talent will be greater than its supply. As such, retraining and growing the skills of the workforce should be a high priority. Sales teams may need training in assessing client needs for and selling AI tools. Technical staff will require upskilling in deployment, maintenance, and optimization. Investing in capability-building now will ensure your biggest asset—your people!—transition smoothly into new AI-oriented roles.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

AI will replace many manual processes, freeing up the human workforce for higher-impact responsibilities that require creativity, innovation, and complex communications. Though some routine tasks may decline, jobs focused on strategy, oversight and maximizing AI’s potential will thrive. Forward-looking companies that proactively integrate smart technology and human talent stand to reap rewards of enhanced productivity and innovation. As intelligent automation shapes industries, managers have a pivotal role to play in responsibly guiding its adoption. With the right vision and preparation, businesses can harness AI to augment human strengths, rather than replace them. The strategic imperative is to foster human-AI collaboration that streamlines operations, spurs breakthroughs, and enriches customer value. By riding this wave early, organizations position themselves at the leading edge of AI-driven advancement.


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