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Keith Haas

Cybersecurity Remains the Top Concern and Keypoint Intelligence Aims to Help

Is your business protected from cyberattacks?

Sep 21, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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Doesn’t it seem like all our devices have built-in, online capabilities? It's so easy to seamlessly tackle projects from one device to another. The conveniences that Internet-connected devices add to the lives of tech-savvy individuals and business professionals is welcome across the board, but having such interconnectivity comes with cybersecurity risks. And as October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an event in which Keypoint Intelligence has participated in…


How Concerned Should You Be About Network Security?

In our studies with IT decision makers, network and data security are consistently ranked as the top concern—and for good reason. Businesses receive a financial blow from being hit by hackers.

Attacks can take numerous forms, such as deployment of malware to disable a network, stealth software to silently capture data (e.g., usernames, passwords, keystrokes, financial information, and organizational information like intellectual property) and funnel it to the attacker, as well as overt ransomware attacks that block users from accessing files until they have paid the hackers a ransom. (Just so you know, an estimated two-thirds of companies that pay the ransom never receive their data back.) This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how hackers will try to strike your business.



Where Does a Security Breach Leave You?

Being the victim of a cyber-attack is already one heck of a pill to swallow, which is why you should also consider what the aftermath of a hacking incident looks like.


Despite it being your network being hacked, you might not the only party affected in the situation. Depending on the nature of the attack, private client information you have stored on your network could be at risk of being stolen by criminals. The cost—in terms of dollars and reputation—can be crippling. It goes without saying that their data being breached will hurt your professional relationship with customers. Between losing clients and not being able to gain new ones following news of the incident, many businesses never fully recover from a cyberattack. And that’s not all for financials, as your business can find itself sorting through legal fees or regulatory fines while cleaning up the mess made by hackers.


Hacks on business networks are often found and addressed by IT teams after it is too late—the damage already done. When it comes to taking preventative measures, everyone on your team should arm themselves with the tools and knowledge that will aid in your organization’s digital security. All members on your team should be practicing cyber safety to protect against any potential security threats they could encounter. Some helpful practices include recognizing phishing scams, not sharing private information with unknown individuals and organizations, regularly changing your password, and protecting accounts with multi-factor authentication.


Keypoint Intelligence Cybersecurity Solutions

Securing your network on all fronts can be difficult depending on its size and finances—but it doesn’t have to with Keypoint Intelligence at your side. Our new cybersecurity offerings will position you to focus more on your day-to-day business efforts and less about whether your network is susceptible to attacks. These services include:

  • Cybersecurity Integrity Audit: A comprehensive vulnerability assessment that can help to expose vulnerabilities of your in-house systems and networks, thus enabling organizations to more effectively manage risk and strengthen your business’ cyber posture.
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR): A service that combines continuous monitoring of a business’s digital assets with an “always-on” certified incident response team to defend your network to first prevent (and ultimately respond to) a cyberattack.
  • Security Assessments for Insurance Premiums: As part of the security integrity audit, we help companies uncover vulnerabilities and mitigate those risks by improving the organization’s security posture that can be used to lower security insurance premiums
  • Virtual CISO Consulting Services: With our vCISO services, our mission is to offer clients solutions and services that can enable business growth, provide improvements in productivity and efficiency, as well as protect information as it flows inside and outside of an organization.


These new services join our existing MFP and IoT security testing for device penetration and security-policy compliance.


As digital technology continuously evolves, so will the methods hackers use to break into your system and the measures you will have to take to protect your business’ network security. With this roster of services, Keypoint Intelligence can address the leading cybersecurity challenges faced by our customers.


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