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Rachel Dean

Epson Introduces a New Business Inkjet A4 Color MFP and Printer

The new WorkForce Pro WF-C5000 series aims to minimize user intervention

Jan 19, 2023 9:26:33 AM


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Epson America, Inc. recently announced two new additions to its A4 business inkjet printer range: the WorkForce Pro WF-C5890 color MFP and the WorkForce Pro WF-C5390 color printer. The WF-C5890 and WF-C5390 target the higher volume requirements of busy, small office work environments.



Engineered to minimize interventions, the WF-C5890 and WF-C5390 that replace the WF-C5290/WF-C5210 and WF-C5790/WF-C5710 are built with Replaceable Ink Pack Systems, allowing businesses to print up to 5,000 ISO pages with replacement ink packs. Epson claim this system saves up to 25% on replacement ink vs. color laser toner and, as it’s powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology, it’s asserted that the new color devices have the lowest power consumption in their class.


As well as reducing ink replacement, these devices are designed to tackle the pain-point of frequently replacing paper for higher volume printing with up to 1,830-sheet capacity with three optional trays. Both models have a recommended monthly print volume of 5,000 pages, print speeds of 25 ISO ppm (black/color) with virtually no warmup time, and a fast first page out for quick and seamless printing.


“These new desktop printers are designed to help businesses overcome the challenges associated with conventional printers, including the required interventions that can slow down productivity,” said Kaila Murphy, Product Manager of Business Imaging at Epson America, Inc. “The WF-C5890 and WF-C5390 are built with few moving parts for low-maintenance, easy, high-volume color printing.”


Feature-Rich for Small Offices

For dynamic document management needs, the WF-C5890 has a 50-page duplex auto document feeder; automatic two-sided print, scan, copy, and fax; and an intuitive 4.3" color touchscreen.


The WF-C5890 is compatible with enterprise applications such as PaperCut MF, PrintFleet, ECi (FMAudit) and other workflows to enable remote printer data collection for MPS solutions. Both devices are compatible with Epson Solutions Suite, including Epson Remote Service, Epson Device Admin, and Epson Print Admin.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Epson has expanded its WorkForce Pro A4 color line-up with an MFP and printer with robust specifications for meeting and exceeding the high volume needs of busy small office environments. Maximum paper capacities are among the highest in the WorkForce Pro A4 color portfolio, and they also boast solid recommended monthly volumes and ink pack capacities compared to other products in the range. The sustainability benefits and virtually no warm-up time from the PrecisionCore Heat-Free inkjet technology are big positives, too. MAP US pricing for these devices is $349 for the WF-C5390 and $469 for the WF-C5890, which reflects the improvements versus predecessor devices. We look forward to reviewing these devices in our labs.


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