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Rachel Dean

HP Introduces the HP LaserJet Managed E800 and E700 Series

Company launches 26 new A3 color and mono devices

Jul 19, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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HP has announced a new A3 color and mono multifunction printer portfolio with the launch of the HP LaserJet Managed E800/E700 series, which includes 26 devices in total with speeds ranging from 25 to 70 ppm in Managed and Managed Flow configurations. The new devices are expected to be available in North America on August 1 for the HP LaserJet Managed E800 series and September for the HP LaserJet Managed E700 series with expanded availability for all product expected in select countries in Europe in October. The series will continue to roll out to additional countries this year and next.


Pitched as welcoming office workers back to the office, the HP LaserJet Managed E800/E700 series delivers several features that support and inspire a productivity-focused hybrid workforce:

  • Up to 70 ppm fast printing speed and 300 ipm duplex scan speed
  • Comprehensive workflow solutions with new FLOW 2.0 features, including the ability to make edits directly to your content on the control panel (highlight, redact, even simply sign)
  • Reverse and Retry technology detects and resolves double feed issues and paper jams through the document feeder
  • Utilizing autosensing technology, customers automatically save time with tone and color management, two-sided document detection, and automatic job separation features
  • Five different panel colorways match your office décor
  • HP Flex Build1 for flexible configurations including panel size, scan features, keyboard and speed-up licenses, and even mid-cycle upgrades to meet changing business needs over time
  • The HP LaserJet Enterprise E800/E700 series protects, detects, and self-recovers; these new devices also include HP Sure Start, Connection Inspector, as well as Memory Shield active system monitoring and whitelisting
  • Sustainability features include up to 59% recycled content and 90% reduced packaging for cartridges
  • Low service costs and minimized downtime with synchronized consumable replacement timing for 50% less service visits over contract life; the developer also takes half the time to replace versus previous generation product
  • Cartridge access control system: toner is completely used before replacement to ensure less waste and only change cartridges that need changing; print jobs continue uninterrupted, using toner from the reservoir when cartridges are empty


Product Line-Up

LaserJet Managed Flow MFP models denoted by “z”
LaserJet Managed MFP models denoted by “dn”


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Increased remote and hybrid working is driving a greater need for secure digital transformation, and these new devices from HP meet that need with high-speed scanning as well as a host of highly productive scan features to increase edit and send efficiency. The scalability of HP Flex Build’s speed license upgrades and general modular approach, which can be provided at the outset or mid-cycle, offers an effective way to tackle changes in the way customers use products over time—resulting in increased longevity and a more sustainable device. HP has also made some improvements to minimize cost of service for channel as well as minimize waste and downtime for the user with synchronized service visit timing, faster drum replacement, and the toner cartridge access control system.


1The availability of Flex Build program differs by region or country.


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