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Rachel Dean

HP Launches New ScanJet Pro and ScanJet Enterprise Products

The company is expanding its portfolio with four new devices

May 2, 2022 12:22:28 PM



HP Inc. recently announced additions to its HP ScanJet Pro and Enterprise series, which includes four new devices that make scanning a simple and integrated part of the digital workplace experience. HP’s new ScanJet Pro and Enterprise devices are expected to be available in North America in May and additional countries later in 2022.


The new HP ScanJet devices include:

  • HP ScanJet Pro 2600 f1 and ScanJet Pro 3600 f1: Supports up to 1,500 and 3,000 pages daily, and is designed for small businesses with scanning needs for broad variety of jobs
  • HP ScanJet Pro N4600 fnw1: Supports large businesses with scanning needs for multiple users at up to 6,000 pages daily; this scanner has flexible digital sending to e-mail, network, or PC via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, complete with a color touchscreen
  • HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow N6600 fnw1: Created to support advanced high-volume professional scanning for enterprise customers with frequent scanning needs up to 8,000 pages daily; includes Scan Premium software


The HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow device also includes Scan Premium software that allows for metadata extraction with multiple zonal barcodes and text to automate workflows; intelligent document capture and classification to help extract and organize scanned information; new capabilities to highlight, erase, or mark-up scanned documents; as well as digital stamping and digital signatures to make the document a true copy.


All the new devices offer:

  • Desktop shortcuts and customized profiles help streamline workflows
  • Automatic detection of scan quality issues to remove vertical streaks
  • Multi-document and book scanning to detect multiple documents and flatten curved images
  • Boot code checks and firmware validation helps prevent malicious threats
  • Sustainable design made from over 21% recycled plastic*


It is not too surprising that we are seeing these new devices emerging now. Citing Keypoint Intelligence’s 2021 North American Document Image Scanner Market Forecast in its press release, HP notes that overall scanner shipments grew by 10% in 2021. “Businesses accelerated digitization efforts in response to the pandemic, and scanners are an important tool in digitization processes. At the same time, we have observed increased scan volumes across all scanning devices. That means it’s important for businesses to find a platform that can facilitate scanning processes across a wide range of devices,” said Lee Davis, Associate Director, Scanners/Solutions at Keypoint Intelligence.


Increased remote and hybrid working is driving a greater need for secure digital transformation and these compact scanner devices from HP are well-positioned to meet those needs. The boot code check and firmware validation to protect data is a notable new addition to HP’s scan portfolio. The ScanJet Enterprise Flow device includes intelligent document capture and classification features to help extract and organize scanned information and capabilities to highlight, erase, or mark-up scanned documents. We look forward to assessing the products in our lab.


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*Post-consumer recycled content is based on the definition set in the EPEAT standard for imaging equipment (IEEE 1680.2) and is expressed as percent of total weight of plastic.