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Riley McNulty

HP Pre-drupa Announcements

Moving the needle for several markets

Apr 3, 2024 8:00:00 PM


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On March 24, HP announced several innovations that will be showcased at drupa. These announcements were previewed just before the Dscoop event in Indianapolis on March 22. Press and analysts were given a tour of the Dscoop show floor, where previews were shown of the many forthcoming announcements. Suffice it to say, HP will not disappoint at drupa as its announcements span multiple market segments from general commercial print, labels, and folding cartons. Additional announcements were made around hardware, software, robotics, and even artificial intelligence (AI) has its fingerprint within this news, as well.


Around the World of drupa Announcements

The HP Indigo 120K was introduced, increasing productivity from its predecessor. Its speed is 4,500 sheets per hour (SPH) 4/0, or 6,000 SPH in Enhanced Productivity Mode. The new Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) system uses AI to provide a 15% lower click charge and an 11% lower carbon footprint. The redesign enables 30% more sellable sheets per hour. HP also noted that the use of AI will enable one operator to manage two presses, requiring a lower skill level and one week of training. The new PQ Maestro AI-powered software helps automate image quality troubleshooting and diagnostics. The press has a more intuitive user interface (UI) and the press has a new auto-recovery capability that tosses bad prints and self-adjusts without user interaction.


HP Indigo 120K.


HP also announced the Indigo 18K, believing it to provide more versatility due to increased application range, the ability to duplex on substrates of 600 microns, and improved media support. Like the 120K, it also has an auto recovery function. A new auto alert capability reduces operator intervention. Additionally, the 18K provides HD imaging capability and an new Photo Pro Mode that reduces the need of an operator to be a color expert.


HP Indigo 118K.


Likewise, the Indigo 7K Secure Digital Press was announced, enhancing restricted digital security printing by executing security-focused print jobs in a single pass. These benefits involve a collaboration with Jura JSP.


Moving onto label printing, HP announced that the Indigo V12 Digital Press will be commercially available at drupa. Currently, there are six presses in beta—three of which include Brooke + Whittle, eshius, and All4Labels. The V12 runs at 120 meters per minute, and HP highlights that the press lowers costs and eliminates the breakeven point with analog printing. Options include non-stop winding, which can consume a 2,000 meter roll in less than 20 minutes, sold by ABG/ENPROM NSU. HP also noted that ABG’s new automation modules have been designed to work with the V12 (e.g., flood varnish/lamination, die cut, edge trimming & stripping, inspection, auto slit, turret rewinders).


Other announcements include:

  • HP Indigo 35K HD was introduced for the folding carton market.
  • PageWide Advantage 2200 has the ability to print up to 16 pt C2S and 18 pt C1S on the New Production Mail Configuration with magnetic ink character recognition (MICR).
  • PageWide Plus Package features on press color profiling providing significant time savings, as well as Performance Economy Color Mode for reduced use of CMY ink with options of up to full density black; prints up to 800 fpm/244 mpm. PageWide Plus Package also features the new Smart Workcell Controller, enabling intelligent job batching, an automated setup process, and optimized paper usage.
  • Preflight, an AI-based decision-making tool, automatically predicts the suitability of the best-fit print mode by learning customers preferences.
  • Availability of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) was announced and demonstrated at Dscoop (the AMR at Dscoop was sold!).
  • PrintOS Production Beat Support to capture data from HP presses as well as analog printing and finishing equipment.
  • An integrated solution by HP and ESKO for the digital printing packaging market.


Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Suffice it to say, HP is going to drupa well-prepared. Customers and prospects at the show will see a number of notable enhancements to their product line across an impressive range of market segments withing packaging and general commercial printing.