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Mark DiMattei

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Types of AI for Mobile Devices

Looking at how smart your smartphone can be

Jul 22, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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We’ve written about artificial intelligence (AI) in our blogs and in several analyses for our Advisory Services. And while there is a clear use for AI in production print and document imaging software, many of us might not even think about the AI that we personally use on a daily basis.


Most people carry at least a smartphone on them at all times, and have loaded their device up with the apps they use the most. But how many actually think about the AI functionality of these apps? Voice assistants learn to recognize your speech patterns so that they can help you add reminders to your calendar or send a text message when your hands are full. Many of us use the camera to take photos, only to find them curated into folders based on who or what is in the picture. We get suggestions on what song we might like to listen to next or the fastest route when looking for directions based on our personal preferences or data collected from other users. And then there are the augmented and virtual reality apps like Instagram filters that interact with real items and people, and then enhances them on the screen.


This infographic breaks down 10 different types of AI that you probably use without thinking about it and offers some insight into how they can optimize the way you use your mobile devices.



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