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Renée Clarke

INFOGRAPHIC: Post-COVID Print Forecast Shows Home and Office Trends Fluctuating

Comparing trends reveals an important market shift

Sep 13, 2021 12:22:28 PM


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keypoint Intelligence has been estimating its impact on print volume in the office and the home. The trend across markets is a drop in office print volume and a hike in home print volume. As the pandemic’s effects on workplaces continue to solidify and show no signs of “returning to normal,”, these trends may point to potential new areas of focus for manufacturers and customers alike.


This infographic presents data from our September 2021 forecast, which is the fourth version to those estimates and makes updates. This forecast for 2020-2022 provides our estimates for the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on US print volume by 20 vertical industry sectors (the forecast for Western European estimates will be made available soon). We show this data by total, as well as by various outputs, comparing the impact of job losses and working from home on the baseline forecast. Estimates are provided by month from January 2020 to December 2022.


We are pleased to see that print continues to play an important part of people’s at-home work lives (and maybe even personal lives). Though office print volumes are lower across the board than in previous years (by nature of job loss and interrupted on-site presence), a decreased output is to be expected in many industries. In fact, our forecast indicates that while on-site print volumes will take some time to return to their previous levels, they will not be miles away from where they once were by December 2022.


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