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Peter Mayhew

Keypoint Intelligence Reveals Winner of BLI Pacesetter Award in Consumer Print-as-a-Service

Which company leads the field in our Market Insights Study?

Nov 3, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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The simple task of shopping suddenly became a high-risk activity when the COVID pandemic struck. Fortunately, there was a Plan B. Online shopping, already a highly successful phenomenon, accelerated. How and where we printed pages of paper also changed. The office came home, and our need to print did so as well. Traditional ways to obtain printing supplies started to fail.


Even before the pandemic hit, the industry had been watching and learning from the way we use our mobile phones and buy our call time. Was there a parallel that could be applied to printing pages? Yes, and it was already gaining momentum! Print-as-a-Service (PaaS) hit the accelerator pedal. We wanted to explore just how far the industry has come in supporting consumers, and we are happy to reveal the winner of our first-ever Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Consumer Print-as-a-Service for the United States and Western Europe!



What Is the Methodology Behind Our Consumer Print-as-a-Service Market Insights Study?

It starts with innovation. Our analysts are constantly scanning the world for the commercialization of novel patent applications or localized trails of new go-to-market strategies. Usually, one vendor reveals a new and untried technology or service and, if successful, it’s rolled out. Consumer Print-as-a-Service followed this path, and a Market Insights Study was conceived. Success comes from hard work and that deserves recognition—this is the role of the BLI Pacesetter Award.


“Developing a Pacesetter Award in Consumer Print-as-a-Service pushed our analysts to think differently,” said Peter Mayhew, Principal Analyst of Supplies in Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group. “Consumers have demanding needs and expectations of any service, especially when committing to a monthly spend of their hard-earned cash. Reliable and predictable service, value for money, and security of shared personal information were high on our agenda of areas for critical examination.”


Which Vendor Won the BLI Pacesetter Award in Consumer Print-as-a-Service?

We dug deep into the offerings of all the major players in the US and Western Europe to find the most compelling services built with the consumer squarely in mind. But which vendor claimed the hardware?


BLI 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Consumer Print-as-a-Service Winner




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